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Yahoo mail – Yahoo mail settings –

Yahoo Mail can also be often called Yahoo Mail is Yahoo’s free gmail service to its users. It’s used globally by millions of users, together with others like Hotmail, AOL, or Gmail. During this blog, we’ll analyze different ways to log in to yahoo mail in a more convenient way. If you might be already a Yahoo user, you almost certainly already know a few of them. If you continue to don’t use this service, maybe what we tell you’ll convince you to start out doing so.

David Philon y Jerry Yang created this service in 1997. Its success was almost immediate, and, despite fierce competition from other mail servers, Yahoo! remains to be standing tall and even among the highest 3 on the planet.

The nice advantage offered by Yahoo in comparison with its rivals is its simplicity because it could be very easy to make use of. This also explains its success for being one among the primary services of this sort offered massively to Internet users worldwide. During those early years, many opened their gmail accounts on Yahoo! They remained faithful to this service without trying others.

How you can Yahoo Mail login

You possibly can register to Yahoo Mail in an online browser the identical way, no matter what sort of computer (PC or Mac) you’re using. Open a browser and navigate to Then do that:

  1. Enter your Yahoo Mail username, gmail address, or mobile number related to the account and kind Next.
  2. Type your password and press Next.
  3. After some time, you can be logged in and brought to the inbox.

Now you’ll be able to access and begin sending or receiving emails straight away!

How you can Login Yahoo Mail on mobile devices.

In case you’re using the Yahoo Mail app for iPhone or Android, when you’re signed in, you’ll usually stay signed in on a regular basis unless you manually sign out. The connection process is straightforward and is the identical whether you could have an iOS or Android device.

yahoo mail

  1. Start the Yahoo Mail app. If you aren’t yet logged into an gmail account, you will notice the login page. Tap Register with Yahoo.
  2. Enter your Yahoo Mail username, gmail address, or mobile number related to the account and tap Next.
  3. Enter your password and tap Next.
  4. After some time, you can be logged in and brought to the inbox.

How to make use of multiple Yahoo Mail accounts

In case you’re already signed in to 1 Yahoo account but wish to use a couple of account, follow these steps to perform multiple yahoo mail login:

  1. After accessing the Yahoo Mail app, tap the Y! Icon at the highest of the screen.
  2. Within the menu, click Manage Accounts.
  3. Now Tap to Add Account. (In case you’re using an iPhone, you will see a dialog box asking for browser permission— tap Continue.)
  4. Enter your Yahoo gmail address, yahoo mail username, or cell phone number related to the account and tap Next.
  5. Now, you might be able to input your password.
  6. After some time, you can be logged on to the inbox.

Enjoy this great feature of, and do not forget to rate it 5+ on Playstore and Appstore.

How do I access Yahoo Mail Settings?

To access the Settings feature on the Yahoo Mail app, tap the menu icon in the highest right corner, scroll down, then click the “Settings” option; older versions of the Mail app may say “Options.” You may also bring up the menu on some phones by pressing the menu button.

What are the Yahoo Mail server settings?


Server address:
Username: your Yahoo address (e.g., [email protected] )
Password: your Yahoo password (Xyz).
Port number: 465 (with SSL)
Alternate port number: 587 (with TLS)

Change your password by accessing Yahoo Mail settings

For more security, it’s advisable to vary the password at once in a while. To do that, you could first log in and follow these steps:

  1. After logging in, we go to the ‘Settings’ menu, which we’ll find within the upper right corner.
  2. There we click on “My Account.”
  3. On the subsequent page, we go to the “Account Security” tab.
  4. Then we will likely be prompted to enter the present password. After entering it, we’ll use the “Change password” option.
  5. Now all you must do is write the brand new password and ensure the action by pressing “Continue.”

In this fashion, we’ll apply a brand new password to our gmail, gaining security and peace of mind. Cybersecurity experts recommend repeating this operation at the very least twice a year.


There are several ways to get Yahoo Mail in your PC, android, and iPhone, but using the built-in Mail app is the simplest. All you would like is your gmail address and password. Once you access Yahoo Mail out of your PC or cell phone, now you can send new emails, view old messages, and be alerted to incoming emails. At the identical time, enjoy hassle-free yahoo services completely free!

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