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Download Hack game WormsZone.io MOD APK (Full Money, Immortal, Giant)

Name WormsZone.io
Version 3.8.0
MOD Features Full Money, Immortality, Giant
Size 75M
Requires Android 5.1
Genre Action
Install on WormsZone.io


WormsZone.io MOD APK (Full Money, Immortal, Giant) is an action game from the publisher CASUAL AZUR GAMES. With an easy but extremely interesting gameplay, the game has attracted a lot of players. Coming to the MOD session at kpb-creations, you can enjoy the game with the ability to immortality and huge amount of money right from the opening.

Earthworm Zone.io – Gluttony Snake Hack Immortal

  • There are quite a few requests for me to release the version of “Hack the Giant WormsZone.io” and certainly, how is it possible for you to wait for a long time. Immortal version helps you raise your super-large worm extremely easily.

Introducing Worms Zone.io Mod Apk

The most exciting snake game on Android

WormsZone.io is directly inspired by the legendary Snake game on old Nokia phones. However, the gameplay of the game has also been new to become different and more attractive for the players. After more than 3 years of publication, the game has attracted a lot of players. Still in the top action games on the AppStore and has more than 100 million downloads on Google Play.

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WormsZone.io MOD gameplay

Still no changed the gameplay of the snake game series but no more keyboard clicks. In return, we now play through the touch screen of smartphones. You need to control your worm around a larger area. Our worm’s food is also changed to sandwiches, hamburgers, cheese, etc., which looks extremely interesting. Along with that, you need to beat and consume other enemies to grow your size to become bigger and longer.

Tải Vùng Giun Đất.io - WormsZone.io MOD APK

WormsZone.io MOD APK Game Image

You need to cleverly teleport to make the enemy worm’s head collide with your worm’s body. At that time, the opponent is likely to become food and you just have to eat those foods. We can have the ability to speed up our worm by double clicking the touch screen. But that will make the worm likely to lose its mass. A very effective trick is that you curl your opponent in a circle, the loops will get smaller and smaller until the time when the opponent is pinned and crashed into you.

Tải Vùng Giun Đất.io - WormsZone.io MOD APK

WormsZone.io MOD APK Game Image

Unlocking your Worms costume

will have random colors when opening the game. You can also change the look of your worm with lots of colors to choose from. You can also add a new face or mouth to let the worm have an expression you like. When we reach certain levels, we can buy the worm strange and genuine costumes.

Tải Vùng Giun Đất.io - WormsZone.io MOD APK

Game Image WormsZone.io MOD APK

Strategy WormsZone.io MOD APK

WormsZone.io MOD APK is a game with infinite time, score and size. To avoid fatigue as well as run out of energy, you must have a suitable strategy to be able to win. There are 3 strategies that are often used by many players:

Tải Vùng Giun Đất.io - WormsZone.io MOD APK

Builder: The slow strategy out of the 3. When using this strategy you will focus on finding food and actively avoiding encounters with other people. Slow but reliable and definitely the best. When we reach a large enough size, we can confidently fight characters weaker than us. If you are patient enough with this strategy, victory will definitely be in your hands.

Tải Vùng Giun Đất.io - WormsZone.io MOD APK

Fighter: Contrary to most Builder, it’s strategy with extremely risky sylte. At the beginning of the game, you try to eat the food with as many numbers as possible. Next you mostly hunt enemies weaker than yourself to develop strength. Helps you to quickly increase the size quickly, but at the same time, there are many potential risks. If you do not teleport wisely, you will soon become prey for other gamers.

Trickster: A strategy with moderate speed. With this strategy you won’t create pointless encounters. In return, you will calmly wait for the other opponents to confront each other. When the results are over, you collect as much loot as you can and then run away. This strategy will help you build strength slowly, slowly. However, it will not bring you a high position on the scoreboard.

Tải Vùng Giun Đất.io - WormsZone.io MOD APK

WormsZone.io MOD APK

Download Worms Zone.io MOD APK for Android without charge

WormsZone.io MOD APK with minimalist 3D graphics along with different gameplay, you will mostly be drawn into the game and forget go period. Let’s try this exciting game today!

Download WormsZone.io Mod Apk

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