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World War Heroes Mod Apk v1.32.2 (Unlimited Ammo)

Hello everyone. The game I will continue to show everyone today is World War Heroes Mod Apk (Unlimited Ammo) for Android Smartphones. It’s a very good shooting game that everyone knows by now. Let’s start together.

World War Heroes: Shooting WW2 for Smartphone

World War Heroes Mod Apk is a game developed by Azur Interactive Games Limited. This is also the game maker of another game I’ve introduced on the net, Modern Strike Online. But we can see more if you like. It’s a shooting game with a very high quality. Not playing is a big regret.

Before going to the information section of this game, I want to remind everyone a little. Those of you who want to download World War Heroes Mod Apk to your Android smartphone right away and always, please scroll down to the bottom of the article content. I’ve left the download link and instructed everyone to set up the game. Here is just the part I rambled on. There’s nothing special about it.

Game mode

1 of the outstanding features of this game is the game mode. It must be said that it is very rich. In World War Heroes hack there are up to 7 modes for decisive players. Each mode will have its own good and interesting things. But we can play alone or play with the staff. It’s a good game, isn’t it?

World War Heroes Mod Apk

I have downloaded the game World War Heroes Mod Apk to the player to test it out for everyone, then

Hardcore Mode

Initially is a hardcore mode, also known by its Vietnamese name, super hard mode. Indeed, the name, I also have to confirm that this mode is really difficult. I don’t know this mode very well. In short, it increases damage and makes the game more realistic than ever.


It’s an individual game mode. People can also understand that the single-player mode is fine. The task of this mode is to try to get the maximum score. And of course you will also die if you get eaten a few copper candies. This mode in World War Heroes hack is quite similar to the previous legendary shooting game.

World War Heroes Mod Apk

Images in the game World War Heroes Mod Apk shoot extremely well

Team Deathmatch

If you already know how Deadthmatch mode is, this is easy. Team here means employees. There will be 2 teams fighting each other. And the mission is like the game, it’s the same as above. The winning team is the team with the most points.

Bomb Mode

This mode splits into two teams as usual. 1 team will have bomb and bomb attempt. The other team will be the interceptor team. Victory belongs to whichever side survives last. Either the bomb detonates successfully, or the bomb detonates successfully. Quite similar to the game mode of the legendary shooting game, isn’t it?

Trò chơi bắn súng World War Heroes Mod Apk cực kỳ thú vị luôn

Shooting game World War Heroes Mod Apk is extremely interesting

Team Squad

This mode is quite similar to Team Deathmatch mode. The only difference is that it cannot be resurrected if dead. The team that survives last will win.

Team battle on panzers

Equivalent to the above game modes. There will be 2 teams competing against each other. But this time it will be using panzers. One interesting thing is in this World War Heroes Mod Apk game. The winning team is the pair with more points.

Còn trông chờ gì nữa mà không tải trò chơi về và chơi thôi nhỉ

What are you waiting for without downloading the game and playing it?

Customized Modes

In short, everyone will create a game with their own rules. Kind of like a custom match in league of legends. Invite friends to play or solo things. Always quite enjoyable.


As for the weapons in the game, they are also extremely rich. According to the information I discovered, there are currently 50 different types of weapons in World War Heroes Mod Apk. For example, pistols, submachine guns, grenades, rockets, etc. In particular, let’s discover for yourself.

Requirements and game information World War Heroes

The following is some information of the game World War Heroes Mod Apk exclusively for Android Smartphones. Everyone should watch a little more to be able to test this interesting game. If your computer is good, it’s fun to play without having to make it.

Cũng gọi là có tay có nghề với bắn súng nhé, kaka. trò chơi bắn thích lắm.

It’s also called being skilled at shooting, kaka. Shooting game is very fun.

One of the information and requirements of the game World War Heroes Mod Apk:

  • Helps to set up on devices running Android 4.1 and above.
  • Version share: 1.32.2.
  • Size: 350 MB.
  • The version of the game World War Heroes hack share at kpb-creations has been modded with unlimited ammo exclusively for Smartphones.
  • Google Play (original link, unmodded version): Game World War Heroes for Android.
  • The game requires an Internet connection (mostly online) and unrooted mods.
  • This game is still being updated to the latest version by the game company.

Download World War Heroes Mod Apk for Android

The link to download the game World War Heroes Mod Apk for your Android Smartphone to stay next. Please click on the link to download the game. Must download both of those links. 1 file is apk, 1 file is obb. Specifically, I will guide you below. If the link to download the game has any difficulty, please comment and report it to me.

Update combines apk and obb files into one file. Everyone just need to install the apk file and it’s okay. During the installation process, select “MOD”.

Note: Install the original -> complete the instructions -> then install the mod over it (ie, don’t delete the original you just played and then install the mod). Game test video below.

Click Download World War Heroes Mod APK

Game setup instructions The game

setup part is also easy. Everyone should remember that the next time you see games like this, set it up without having to read it. Everyone should also use es file explorer to easily move files. This file can be downloaded for free on google. Today is the process of setting up the game World War Heroes hack full ammo here.

  1. Download the 2 files above, 1 file is apk, 1 file is obb.
  2. Extract the obb file, transfer the obtained file to the Android/obb link.
  3. Run the apk file to set up the game.
  4. Enjoy the game.

Okay, everything I share above will support us, but we can download World War Heroes Mod Apk for our Android Smartphone. Hope this game I share will bring everyone interesting experiments. See you again in the next article content. And remember to follow kpb-creations continuously.

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