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What’s New in iOS 16

In this article by kpb-creations, you’ll learn what’s new and interesting about the latest version of iOS 16, making it a hot topic of discussion. past many days.

The iPhone user community in recent days is extremely excited with the information that iOS 16 version has been tested and released. This post by kpb-creations will help you answer the question of what’s new with iOS 16 and which versions of Smartphone and iPhone. If you haven’t read it yet, what are you waiting for?

What’s new in iOS 16?


Overall, in each new iOS version released, Apple has tweaks to suit its users. In this version of iOS 16, the company has brought a lot of interesting functions that were previously new in the old versions such as editing the lock screen, removing objects from the background, etc.

However, it is only in the trial version. But iOS 16 has also made great strides with users.

The lock screen can be customized at any time

The first interesting point to answer the question of what is new in iOS 16 is the location of the lock screen of this version. In iOS 16, most users can customize many of their own lock screens according to their preferences and simply change among them.

iOS 16 có gì mới - màn hình khóa (Lockscreen) mới với nhiều tùy chỉnh

Apple also makes available effects, widgets, themes with extremely interesting colors. You can also set up to see weather conditions, the moon, solar systems, emojis, etc. in this version.

In addition, the smartphone’s information is also displayed at the bottom of the lock screen instead of in the middle as before. That will help your lock wallpaper not happen obscured.

iOS 16 có gì mới - Hoạt ảnh thông báo trên màn hình khóa mới

Separating objects from the background in live photos

1 of the great functions of the iOS 16 genre, what’s new that kpb-creations can’t ignore when introducing to you is the function to separate objects from the background in photos direct.

That means you now no longer have to download third-party software that can help you with background separation.

Tách vật thể trực tiếp trên ảnh

We can open images from the gallery, screenshots, photos in QuickLock, Safari, in the Files section or anywhere on the Smartphone.

All you need to do is just hold on to the subject that needs to be removed from the background in the image, Apple will automatically remove the background behind this subject.

This in other words is an extremely upgraded function that Apple has released in this version of iOS 16.

Not only that, the

Focus function was introduced for the first time in iOS 15, and in this iOS 16 version, the Focus function has been continuously expanded and refined. Each Focus mode is now linked to a lock screen.

iOS 16 có gì mới - tính năng Focus mới

One of the biggest updates to the Focus function in iOS 16 is the filter section. Focus filters allow users to set limits for apps like Calendar, Mail, Messages, and Safari to show only relevant content.

New Live Text and Visible Look Up function

Live Text is already a new function, so is LiveText in iOS 16 anything new or not? The answer is yes.

Now users can pause the video and use this function to tray on that video instead of only using it on images.

You can also implement the translation of the newly recognized paragraph right in the software without having to go out.

Live text

Visible Look Up has also been updated by Apple to move an image by bumping and holding on the subject of the image, separating it from the background and dragging it through software like Messages, etc.

Visible Look Up can now also recognize can shape birds, insects and sculptures, etc.

Wallet and Apple Pay

Another function introduced in the iOS 16 category is also extremely cool this time around, which is the Apple Pay Later function – the function. Postpaid.

US users can use Apple Pay Later to pay for purchases through Apple Pay for 6 weeks, with no interest and no fees. It’s like buying installments with 0% interest.

Users can sign up for Apple Pay Later when paying with Apple Pay or in the Wallet app. Apple Pay Later can be activated and used as long as Apple Pay is approved to pay.

Ví và Apple Pay hoàn toàn mới trên iOS 16

Update Safari

Currently, Safari can be set to edit wallpapers, dividing each open tab into individual groups.

We can simply share this group with friends, family, simply add new cards to the group and adventure what our loved ones are watching.

iOS 16 also updated to help translate text in website images through the Live Text function.

More specifically, the function that helps push information on the internet will also be released in 2023.

Cập nhật Safari trên iOS 16

Health and fitness

Health Health

software Health has been updated by Apple with a Drug section, allowing users to create list and manage and operate your drug list.

In addition, users can also set up a schedule to take their medication to be reminded. The medication log will also let the user know what substances they are lacking in order to easily adjust the dosage.

If you are in the US, you can simply point the iPhone camera towards the drug label to be able to read the information related to this drug.

The Health Software can also send information if 1 drug regardless of the reaction (cannot work together) with any other drugs added by the user.

App Sức khỏe trên iOS 16


iOS 16 có gì mới

If you question what’s new with the health function in iOS 16, the answer is that we can now regularly use this software even without using Apple Watch.

Users can set daily travel tasks in the software, view energy, track steps, {distance}, flights, exercise programs from third-party

softwareNew Maps

Once considered by the technology world to be one of the worst products Apple has ever created.

With Apple Maps on iOS 16 is now new to that. Apple Maps has multi-stop routing functions, allowing users to plan up to 15 stops in advance and automatically synchronize routes from Macbook to iPhone.

Maps also updates public transit, making it easy for riders to view their journey costs, add transit cards to Wallet, view balances and update vehicle cards, we can deploy the whole thing without going out. from the software.

iOS 16 có gì - Ứng dụng Bản đồ mới

Family Home Share Function

Compared to what’s new in iOS 16’s Family Home Share function, Apple has allowed to set up simpler controls, including recommendations suitable for each class in the family. Limit the use of software.

This function makes it simpler to set up a new iPhone or iPad for a child with the appropriate parental controls already in place.

Children can also ask parents to update the time using the software, Family Guidelines provide useful tips and recommendations such as updating children’s settings as they grow larger or enabling location sharing,

iOSWhen will the first 16 be released?

Currently, iOS 16 is only in beta testing stage, it is expected that Apple will roll out the first version this fall, possibly in September, just before the launch of the iPhone line continues.

List of Devices that Help iOS 16

iOS 16 has been dropped for a large number of older devices supported by iOS 13, iOS 14, and iOS 15. iOS 16 is compatible with all iPhone models released since the time. 2017 point:

  • iPhone SE (2022)
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 mini
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone SE (2020)
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 8

If your Smartphone is not on this list, it means that Apple is no longer helping your Smartphone for new releases of iOS.

Should I upgrade to iOS 16 today?

With what kpb-creations shared in the iOS 16 category, what’s new, if it’s the functions you really need, you can test it right from the beta with instructions on how to update to the latest iOS 16 Beta 2.

But this is not necessarily the first version published by Apple to iPhone users, there will be many errors and potential risks of not being able to use software (banking software, Fb software, Messenger, …) on the version. This iOS 16 Beta.

If you are concerned about the above difficulties, please wait until Apple publishes the first to eliminate non-essential errors that arise during the iOS 16 Beta version.

Perhaps with the functions we introduced in this article, wondering what’s new in iOS 16 is no longer a problem for iPhone users. Remember to Like, Share the article content and visit kpb-creations more continuously.

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