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What Do “WYD” and “HYD” Mean, and How Do You Use Them?


What You Doing WYD
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Are you about to begin a conversation with someone? The acronyms WYD and HYD are the shortest ways to initiate a back-and-forth with a friend. Discover what they mean, and the way to make use of them here.

The Definitions of WYD and HYD

WYD (not be confused with World Youth Day, an annual event organized by the Catholic Church) stands for “what are you doing?”. HYD stands for “how are you doing?” They’re typically used as greetings or to begin a conversation with someone. In some ways, the 2 initialisms are interchangeable, however, there are some essential differences.

You need to use them in both lower- (wyd) and uppercase (WYD), but lowercase is more common among youth. You need to use both of those acronyms (and phrases) similar to you’ll other idiomatic expressions, like “what’s up?” or “how’s it going?” HYD has a really similar intending to the acronym HYF (“how are you feeling?”).

Among internet slang terms, these two function uniquely in that they’re complete sentences—they don’t need any additional context. Therefore, sending a message that simply reads “wyd” or “hyd” is a valid approach to initiate a conversation.

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The Origins of WYD and HYD

Most internet acronyms found their way into the net vernacular throughout the early days of internet chat within the 1990s. However, the usage of WYD and HYD appears to be far more recent. The earliest definition for WYD on Urban Dictionary is from 2006, while the primary for HYD was created in 2010.

The entry for WYD lists it as a synonym for the rarely used WUBU2, or “what you been as much as?”

Both terms likely became prominent in instant messaging and SMS, where randomly messaging friends you knew personally was more common. As both of those terms are frequently used to initiate conversations on personal topics, it’s unlikely you’ll use them when talking to strangers.

The Differences Between WYD and HYD

WYD is more widely used as a daily greeting. If you ought to start an informal conversation with a friend or family thành viên, this acronym might be your opener.

It’s also possible to use WYD to gauge someone’s availability. For instance, if you ought to have a serious discussion with someone or invite them to attend an event with you, you would possibly start the conversation with “wyd?” to see in the event that they’re busy in the meanwhile. In the event that they reply that they’re not doing anything, you might then extend your invitation.

HYD, on the opposite hand, can be utilized to gauge someone’s current state of well-being. It’s particularly useful in case you’ve recently chatted with someone and are asking for an update.

For instance, if a friend has been ill, you might text “hyd?” to envision in and see how their recovery goes. It’s also possible to use HYD to envision on someone who’s going through something tough emotionally, like a breakup.

Responding to WYD and HYD

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WYD and HYD both initiate particular responses. In the event you’re on the receiving end, you’ll respond by giving the person a quick update, letting them know what you’re doing, or explaining your current frame of mind. As both acronyms are used to begin a conversation, your response doesn’t need to be long.

A typical approach to end your response is through the use of another acronym, like “WBU?” (“what about you?”) or “HBU?” (“how about you?”). The opposite person is then prompted to supply you with an update of their very own and keeps the conversation going.

The way to Use WYD and HYD

The actual phrases “what are you doing?” and “how are you doing?” are widely used the entire time. Online and in text messages, though, you possibly can simply the abbreviated versions to begin a conversation. Because both terms are quite casual, it’s best to probably avoid using them in professional settings.

Below are a couple of examples of WYD and HYD in action:

  • “Hey, wyd?”
  • “HYD? Did you get that care package I sent?”
  • “WYD without delay? Wish to hang around?”

If you ought to add more internet slang to your vocabulary, take a look at our pieces on NM and OP.

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