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The Top 10 Best Shark Tank Episodes Of All Time

Shark Tank is an American television show that airs on ABC. It encompasses a panel of potential investors, called “sharks,” who consider offers from aspiring entrepreneurs for his or her business or product. We thought it can be a good suggestion to inform you everything you want to learn about one of the best shark tank episodes and why they’re so great.

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The show features aspiring entrepreneurs competing for investment capital from a panel of venture capitalists.

The show has been airing since 2009, and there have been 233 episodes up to now. And while many individuals think they know all one of the best Shark Tank episodes, nothing may very well be farther from the reality. These are essentially the most exciting moments in Shark Tank history.

Up to now six seasons of Shark Tank, I’ve seen some fantastic episodes, with entrepreneurs making me laugh or having me shake my head in disbelief. Recently I broke down and listed what one’s all-time favorites are.

10 Best Shark Tank Episodes of All Time

These ten best Shark Tank episodes make for excellent viewing, so tune in!

Season 1, Episode 1

AVA The Elephant



Tiffany Krumins was a successful entrepreneur who appeared on Shark Tank’s first episode. She came to the show to assist solve the issue of convincing kids to take their medicine along with her product, Trio.

Tiffany had no patented product at that point (something Kevin O’Leary wasn’t happy about). However, Barbara Corcoran still agreed to make a khuyến mãi along with her and provides her $50,000 for 50% ownership in AVA The Elephant.

Now AVA may be present in 10 countries and over 10,000 stores, including Walgreens and CVS, due to a proposal from Corcoran.

Krumins continues building the corporate with Cororon’s assistance despite being diagnosed with (and recovering from) cancer – just another reason that is worth watching and is taken into account one among one of the best episodes of Shark Tank.

Season 3, Episode 2

Cat Doodles Are No Joke



Steve Gadlin’s business, “I Need to Draw a Cat For You,” may sound like a joke to some people, but he shows shark Lori Greiner that he’s earning real money together with his stick-figure cats, that are priced at $10.

Gadlin’s cat doodles tickle Mark Cuban, who offers $25000 for 33% of the business. This episode finally ends up being fun attributable to Gadlin’s strange idea and goofy pitch, which wins over Cuban approval making it one among one of the best Shark Tank episodes of all time.

Season 3, Episode 7

Kisstixx, Sharks Smack Lips



Next on our list of best Shark Tank episodes is Kisstixx, a lip balm that’s guaranteed to make you look good, came on Shark Tank in Season 3 and have become an instant hit. Barbara Corcoran and Kevin O’Leary provided the demo once they kissed each other- successfully testing Kisstixx’s product!

Mark Cuban offered Dallas Robinson and Mike Buonomo $200,000 for 40% of their company. Nowadays, Kisstixx is supplied in 30 countries in addition to on QVC.

Season 3, Episode 3

Chord Buddy



ChordBuddy is a tool invented by Travis Perry to assist aspiring musicians play the guitar. The ChordBuddy helps students learn chords quickly, which lets them start playing songs they know and love straight away.

Because it seems, country star John Rich of Big & Rich was on the lookout for a brand new avenue to show his daughter the best way to play guitar, and he loved the thought of Chord Buddy a lot that he became its spokesperson!

That is one among one of the best Shark Tank episodes and is worth trying out in case you’re into music!

Season 3, Episode 6

Reade Rest



Rick Hopper presents Reade Rest on this episode of Shark Tank. Reade Rest is a product that safely secures your glasses to your clothing with a magnetic clip. This clever drama by Rick Hopper helps show the usefulness of his creation- he pretends to fall and demonstrates how his glasses are still safe on him because they were attached to his shirt using the clip.

Lori Greiner, impressed along with her idea, offers $150K for a 65% share in the corporate and promises she is going to make him millions when it starts showing on QVC.

Sure enough, as soon as its offer goes live to tell the tale QVC, there’s a right away sell-out – a lot in order that since then, Mr. Hooper has made 8 million dollars worth of sales through them!

Season 4, Episode 7

Scrub Daddy



Why is that this one among one of the best Shark Tank episodes? Since it’s one of the best episode of the shark tank by which Scrub Daddy was introduced to the sharks. Aaron Krause passionately appeals to people in his lemony-smiling sponge pitch, demonstrating how superior the fabric and sturdiness are.

Lori Greiner offers Krause $200,000 for 20% of the corporate if he takes her on as co-owner. As a results of their agreement? Since Shark Tank aired, sales have reached over $18 million!

Now found at Bed Bath & Beyond and Wal-Mart stores too! It shows that great things come from even spongy packages like these!!

Season 4, Episode 8

The No Fly Cone (a fly trap).



Shark Tank’s most random episode in season 4, 8 stars Family Guy’s creator Seth McFarlane. He came on the show to assist his friend and horseback-riding instructor Bruce Gaither with a product called The No Fly Cone (a fly trap).

Unfortunately, even Stewie’s cajoling wasn’t enough for the sharks to agree because they were too busy other opportunities. This same episode features another standout pitch from Michael Tseng, who introduces the Plate Topper- a plastic container that stays stuck to plates because of its suction feature, making food leftover storage easier once you’re in a rush!

It was an exciting battle between Tseng and investors; they argued forwards and backwards until he eventually struck up negotiations with Lori Greiner, who managed to convince him into giving her exclusive rights over this new invention!

Sadly, after spending two hours negotiating for rights over the Plate Topper idea, all of it fell through in Hanoi attributable to manufacturing costs (Tseng thought)

Season 5, Episode 6

Ten Thirty-One Productions



With a $2 million investment from Mark Cuban and 20% of the corporate, Melissa Carbone made one among one of the best Shark Tank episodes deals.

Carbone owns Ten Thirty One Productions, specializing in live horror attractions based in LA. Sharks were initially wary about Melissa’s $2 million requests for 10%. Still, they became far more interested when she explained that Ten Thirty One Productions brought in $1.8 million revenue from their October haunted hayride leading to 600k profit.

Due to Cuban’s investment, After helping Ten Thirty-One Productions expand nationwide, Cuban secured a ticketing distribution contract with Live Nation for Carbone. Sales are expected to succeed in $3 million this year; that doesn’t sound like something spooky in any respect!

Season 5, Episode 20

Featuring Kid Entrepreneurs



One among one of the best  Shark Tank episodes which made history, a fun one with many inventive kids who show that there’s no limit to what you are able to do at any age!

This episode includes several interesting inventions like Boo Boo Goo, the paint-on band-aid, and iRetron, which helps you trade in used electronics. We also hear from Henrey’s Humdingers, who sell spiced honey.

Another great episode was all about eco-friendly water bottles. Define Bottle is an environmentally friendly bottle that permits fruit infusions and other herbal concoctions to make drinking water more fun!

Seeing these young entrepreneurs strut their stuff made this episode another one to look at.!

Season 5, Episode 13

Groove Book



Groovebook is a Shark Tank success story with affordable print-outs of photos out of your phone. It’s the proper gift for somebody who loves searching through memories which have been captured in print form, and it comes at a reasonable price too!

The business was started by married couple Brian and Julie Whiteman, earning $150k from Mark Cuban and Brian O’Leary in exchange for 80% of their licensing profit, which eventually led to purchasing out of the corporate by Shutterfly Inc.

Those are some great episodes. My favorite is episode 17, where Omaze raised over $1 million via crowdfunding charity auctions during Shark Week while raising awareness about world hunger (and don’t forget how much fun we had watching this happen!).

The Final Thought

There’s little question that Shark Tank is one of many most-watched shows on television. But what makes for one of the best Shark Tank episodes?

Shark Tank is one of many most-watched shows on television, and it has produced a few of one of the best moments in point of fact TV history.

But what makes for one of the best Shark Tank episodes?

Every week there are entrepreneurs with their hands out, on the lookout for funding for his or her products. But a number of things will make you stand out and show viewers why you deserve the possibility to get on the show. You may as well watch the above best shark tank episodes of all time on

We hope a few of these best Shark Tank episodes help you discover inspiration in starting your small business.

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