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Minecraft Running Slow On High-end Computer: 3 Best Steps

You guys have a mean or high-end computer but rather than this games like Minecraft running slow on high-end computer. So will let you know some ways through which you’ll be able to solve this problem.

In case your Minecraft lag in your computer then there are various reasons for this like have some problem in your computer like a graphics card or Minecraft running on high settings that your computer doesn’t support but I’ll let you know some ways if you’ll try these all steps might your Minecraft runs smoother.

NOTE: If you have got a really low-end computer then read this post( ) but when you have got an average or high-end computer then continue this post.

Step 1- Minecraft running slow on high-end computer

Within the first step, you must click in your windows button and search the control panel a now open your control panel in your computer and go to the search bar within the upper right corner.

Now search “JAVA” within the search bar and after searching it click on the JAVA icon

Minecraft running slow on high-end pc

Now go to the java tab now you there are a number of options and one of many “runtime parameters” is empty so simply paste this code -Xincgc -Xmx2048M” in runtime parameters and now click on add and now click on apply.

Minecraft running slow on high-end pc
Minecraft running slow on high-end pc: 3 Best Steps

This method lets you run Minecraft smoother in your computer. If it didn’t work try the following one.

Step 2- Minecraft running slow on high-end computer

Many peoples have a nice computer but they will no get a pleasant experience in it because they’ve downloaded loads of data on their computer, that fill storage and ram of your computer. This can be happening to you.

First, check that how much ram and storage available in your computer if it’s full then delete the unwanted files which you don’t use. If you have got installed many games in your computer then uninstall a few of them and unencumber your space.

If you will maintain your system storage regularly then there is no such thing as a chance to get lags in your work. Here’s a video through which you’ll be able to unencumber your computer storage.

Step 3- Minecraft running slow on high-end computer

First follow the two steps that we’re discussed, now on this step open your Minecraft and go to settings in Minecraft now go to video settings.

These steps are crucial it might improve your gameplay problem so make changes these changes in video settings:-

  • Here first change the complete screen resolution to 1280 by 720.
  • At second off the biome blend option.
  • Change you graphics to fast
  • Now at smooth lighting you’ll be able to turn it OFF or if you don’t want to show off smooth lighting then kept it to minimun
  • Kept the vsync option at off
  • Set gui scal at 5
  • IF your fullscreen is OFF then turn it on.
  • Now on the second side set your chunks to six
  • Your mac framerate needs to be at 60
  • Set Entity shadow at 50%

Hope you have got done these all changes.

Minecraft running slow on high-end pc

Conclusion of Minecraft running slow on high-end computer

Now on this post, we have now talked that about Minecraft running slow on high-end computer problems and I told you some ways when you follow all of the ways that I’ve been told you probably did not get any lags in your computer.

If you have got a low-end computer and these ways are not work for you then you must read this () article. Hope your Minecraft running slow on high-end computer problem has been solved.

If you have got another problem related to games you’ll be able to contact us we are going to reply to you within 24hours.

Why is Minecraft lagging on a great PC?

Minecraft is intensive to RAM and CPU, when you don’t have enough RAM, the Minecraft lagging is affordable. We recommend 4GB of RAM for Minecraft but don’t lower than 2GB. … Xmx2G means Xmx 2 gigabytes of RAM, you’ll be able to change 2 into 4 or 8 as you want.

Why is my high-end PC slow?

slow computer is commonly brought on by too many programs running simultaneously, taking on processing power and reducing the PC’s performance. … click the CPU, Memory, and Disk headers to sort the programs which might be running in your computer by how much of your computer’s resources they’re taking.

Why is my Minecraft running so slow?

Remember, Minecraft is saving the world as you play, so in case your disk is slow, it would cause severe bottlenecks. Most definitely your laptop can have an older spinning disk at 5400rpm. If possible, try to upgrade the drive to an SSD, and you will notice improvements not only in Minecraft but overall system responsiveness.

Why is Minecraft so poorly optimized?

Minecraft’s awful performance is partially on account of Java’s poor suitability as a 3D game platform, and in addition simply bad coding. There’s a mod called Optifine that (together with adding more granular graphics options) nearly doubled my frame rate with no effort needed.

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