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Is Finance A Good Career Path For You In 2022? Ultimate Guide

Choosing a career is a highly challenging and perplexing decision. Everybody desires to have a satisfying and successful career. Therefore, we give a quick answer to this question. Is finance a superb career path in 2022?

Many individuals believe that working in finance is a rewarding career choice. It’s solid and safe. The outlook for employment in finance is favorable even during economic slumps. Therefore, unlike other industries, the finance sector is just not concerned with changing economic conditions.

Is Finance a Good Career Path?

You will need to understand that there isn’t any simple solution to the question. Everyone makes their very own career decisions. What works for chances are you’ll not work for an additional.

Only what you wish will determine whether you’ll be able to pursue a career in finance. You would possibly not need to have a level for a career you don’t need to reach genuinely. It’s essential to know where the trail leads if you need to pursue a career in finance.

Before deciding if it’s the right plan of action, you should understand what finance is.

What Do Jobs in Finance Pay?

Financial careers could be profitable. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the standard salary for a private financial adviser was $94,170 in 2021.

In 2021, the median salary for jobs in business and finance was $76,570. That quantity is significantly higher than all vocations’ $45,760 median yearly wage.

The Bureau projects an 8% increase in financial and business jobs within the U.S. from 2020 to 2030, including loan officers and insurance underwriters.

What Career Possibilities Are There in Finance?

Listed here are some financial careers predicted to last well through the twenty-first century despite changes brought on by new technologies and changing social mores.

Is Finance A Good Career Path


For some financial experts, bonuses and commissions might total within the tens of thousands.

1. Fintech business analyst

Fintech firms have experienced tremendous growth within the twenty-first century because of new technologies and consumer demand for transparent solutions.

The term “fintech” refers to technology that streamlines and digitizes financial services, even though it covers a wide selection of products. Fintech firms can offer services to most people, corresponding to online banking or business loans, or collaborate with established financial institutions to update their systems.

Business analysts well-versed within the financial industry are frequently wanted by fintech companies. Gaining experience in data analysis or company operations can provide you with a competitive edge should you’re excited by the fintech industry.

2. Financial Accounting

A financial accountant is answerable for the corporate’s financial statements, which include balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, statements of income, cash flows, and other documents.

They know the way much money flows out and in of business. They’ve a general understanding of the corporate’s profit and are aware of the quantity a business should spend money on particular projects.

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In public, corporate, and commercial accounting, financial accountants are employed. You might be qualified to use for this position if you’ve a finance degree from a reputed university.

3. Impact investing analyst

Investors increasingly opt to make use of impact investing and closely related socially responsible investing (SRI) to speculate in businesses or projects that share their beliefs.

Investors in these industries might run their portfolios through a social impact screening process or actively search for businesses addressing social issues.

Working as an analyst can take you to companies specializing in impact investing or the impact investing division of more established financial institutions like banks or mutual funds.

4. Investment Banker

They assist the federal government and personal companies in issuing debt and securities. The perfect counsel can be provided by investment bankers relating to choosing which plan of action to absorb cases like mergers and acquisitions.

The demand for professionals on this industry is high because they’re knowledgeable. You would possibly pursue this career should you majored in finance.

5. Financial analyst

Financial analysts analyze data to assist investors in making wise choices. Financial analysts can uncover new business or investment prospects for companies or major investment institutions like banks.

A financial analyst develops models to forecast sales or the outcomes of corporate choices by studying broad-scale phenomena like market trends and competitor movement.

Financial analysts play important roles in various industries, including media, biotechnology, and knowledge technology. This makes it a versatile career choice that may lead you into emerging markets.

In keeping with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the employment of monetary analysts will increase by 5% between 2019 and 2029.

6. Commercial banker

Recent years have seen substantial changes within the commercial banking sector because it has adapted to new fintech firms and adopted digital technologies to enhance its services.

However, commercial bankers continue to be extremely important in society. Commercial bankers actively contribute to the local economy as gatekeepers to financial goods, including business loans and mortgages.

Working directly with customers to grasp their financial status and supply them with the most effective financial solutions is a part of your job as a banking relationship manager, loan originator, or development officer.

Commercial banking remains to be an important and relevant aspect of the financial world should you’re excited by how finance can affect the lives of those around you daily.

Finance Careers: Positives and Negatives

So, is finance a superb career path? Although a job in finance has many benefits, there are also a number of drawbacks that you have to be aware of.


When wondering, “is finance a superb career path,” listed below are some pros for you to contemplate.

  • Competitive salary with benefits and incentives
  • Possibilities for development
  • Job security

The typical salary for a profession in finance is high and includes attractive benefits and incentives. A career in finance also usually provides variety in your daily tasks.

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Choosing a job in finance may also help someone feel accomplished. Working in finance also offers the possibility to advance your career or enter new areas of the industry.


Long hours, exhaustion, and an intensely competitive environment are a number of of the same old drawbacks in finance. If finance isn’t your thing, you may find it difficult to handle the long hours and stress frequently a part of the job.

In keeping with a poll by the financial jobs site e-finance careers, several prominent banks often require their staff to work 70 to 80-hour work weeks.

Consider whether you’ll be able to adapt to this lifestyle while deciding whether is finance is an efficient career path for you.

So, Is Finance A Good Career Path For You?

Yes, that’s the response to this question. The cause is the lucrative compensation of monetary positions. However, individuals who work part-time can pursue a rewarding career in finance. When you possess the mandatory knowledge and talents, you’ll be able to reach the highly competitive field of finance.

Professions within the financial sector are arrange for growth in the longer term. They may want financial guidance and speculation as new and more enterprises come into sight.

So, discuss how great a profession in finance is, how impressed you might be to surrender your identity and make quite a bit of cash, and whether your body language fits what you say.

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