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How To Play Free Fire With Ps4 Controller

In today’s article I’ll let you know Tips on how to play free fire with ps4 controller, in IOS, android, and computer also it is a quite simple step to attach and play games together with your Ps4 controller.

So lets begins,

How to attach ps4 controller to free fire on android

So for those who play games in your android devices and wish to connect PS4 controller then, to start with, you need to open your Play Store and search octopus now you need to download the octopus app. In case you don’t wish to use the octopus app then I yet one more option ultimately.

Now you need to press the P and share button of your PS4 controller hold it for few seconds after this your controller started flashing light and you need to activate your mobile Bluetooth after turning it on you see your PS4 controller within the Bluetooth section connect it to your mobile. After connecting it to your mobile open the octopus app and click on on the add button from here you possibly can select any game which is installed in your mobile and after adding click on the sport icon within the octopus app.

Now your game might be started and all of the controllers will display in your mobile and you possibly can customize them as you would like and may play free fire with ps4 controller.

Tips on how to play free fire with ps4 controller IOS

So if an IOS devise and you desire to play free fire with ps4 controller or every other game also, first you need to open settings in your device and open the Bluetooth section.

Now take your PS4 controller and connect hold the P and share button for five seconds and after this, your controller start flashing and you possibly can see your controller within the Bluetooth list of your device now you possibly can connect your device to the controller.

And benefit from the games with PS4 controller with IOS devices.

Tips on how to play free fire with controller on computer

If you desire to use a PS4 controller then follow these steps.

How to Use PS4 Controller On PC Windows 10 1 28 screenshot 1

First, you’ll want to download a file you possibly can download this file by clicking here. It is a zip file that installs in your computer and you need to extract it after downloading.

How to Use PS4 Controller On PC Windows 10 1 31 screenshot 1

When your extract it you see 2 more files (as you possibly can see within the image) one is DS4 Updater and the second is DS4 Windows you need to copy both files and go to local disk c and make a brand new folder and paste these both files there.

Now hold the DS4 Windows file and drag it to your desktop to make a shortcut.

Now connect your PS controller with USB to your computer and open the DS4 Windows file and now you possibly can fully connect your controller and play free fire with ps4 controller. You too can connect through your PC Bluetooth.

You too can download the Panada Gamepad app in your computer rather than those files.

Conclusion of Tips on how to play free fire with ps4 controller

I offer you all information within the post for those who carefully read the post then I hope you probably did not face any of the issues and you possibly can play free fire with ps4 controller or every other game with ease.

If you’ve gotten every other queries you possibly can contact us. Thanks for reading our article.


Are you able to play free fire with a controller?

Players can switch POV with a mouse, fire with the left button in shooting games, and use smart casting in MOBA games. … Be it a mouse or a gamepad, Bluetooth or a cable, a gamepad for PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, players can always connect it to their phone and play mobile games.

Are you able to play free fire on ps4?

Is Garena Free Fire available on the PlayStation console? … The reply to this question isn’t any, unfortunately, the Garena Free Fire video game will not be available for PlayStation, which is why it can’t be played natively on this console.

How do I connect my ps4 controller to my free fire Iphone?

While pressing and holding the Share button, press and hold the PS button until the sunshine bar flashes. Enable Bluetooth in your device, after which select the controller from the list of Bluetooth devices.

Can we play free fire in laptop?

Tips on how to download Free Fire game on Windows 7 laptop/ PC. You can use BlueStacks to download the Free Fire game on Windows 7. If you aren’t a fan of BlueStacks, there’s another Android emulator called Gameloop that can be used to run the game on a PC.

Can we play free fire with joystick in PC?

Since there isn’t a official PC version of Garena Free Fire, you will want to put in the newest Garena Free Fire APK in your PC to get the game working. … The latter makes it possible to play Garena Free Fire on a PC with a controller and get essentially the most immersive gameplay experience.

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