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How you can Fix Keyboard Keys on an HP Laptop

If ever, your laptop’s keyboard keys stop working properly unexpectedly, don’t panic. It’s usually not a straightforward fix and requires some steps. Here’s exactly how to repair keyboard keys on a hp laptop and quickly diagnose the issue, and most significantly, how to repair it yourself with just some steps in total.

More often than not our keyboard stops working once we are using the laptop for various purposes like engineering tasks and gaming. The keyboard is essential for gaming Laptops.

Possible Reasons an HP Laptop Keyboard Won’t Work

For people using a laptop with an HP keyboard, I desired to share 4 fixes which have helped others resolve the keys not working. You will have had a nasty experience and been pushed into buying a brand new one from HP or their repair center, one in every of which may be an expensive affair.

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Corrupted keyboard driver 

Outdated or corrupted drivers could prevent your keyboard from connecting and responding. Hover your mouse across the Start button (on the underside left of your desktop screen), right-click on Device Manager, after which click on Uninstall a tool to see if there’s a keyboard or driver on top of things. If you don’t see a keyboard or driver, plug within the USB adapter again, restart your computer after which check again.

Wrong keyboard driver

Update your PC keyboard driver to repair any issues that may be stopping your PC from running properly. Say goodbye to driver software gone wrong and outdated drivers. Install a brand new driver that’s compatible along with your keyboard.

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Unlock the Keyboard

Did you accidentally lock your HP laptop keypad? Here’s a fast fix: After you’ve finished typing, hold down the precise Shift key and keep it down for 8 seconds. This could unlock the keyboard so you should use it normally.

Reset your laptop battery

Reseating the battery will refill your laptop’s power and resolve this annoying key not engaged on the laptop problem. Listed here are the steps to reseat battery:

  • Remove the battery
  • Watch for some time
  • then reinstall battery



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