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How To Connect Two Monitors To My Laptop?


In case your day-to-day job requires you to do rather a lot of labor on a laptop, then multiple monitors could be a great helping hand of yours. As they’ll enable you to do things faster and efficiently.

But a matter that has been surfed over the web for some time is “how to attach two monitors to my laptop?”, we’ve got come upon this question several times after which decided to come back up with an instruction that can help anyone connect two monitors to their laptops.

So if you’re someone who doesn’t know the way to attach two monitors on a laptop, make certain to undergo…

Learn how to Connect Two Monitors to My Laptop?

How To Connect Two Monitors To My Laptops

Connecting two monitors on a laptop is super simple, all you wish is the cables and the knowledge of where to place the cables. However, make certain to follow the instructions below, you’ll have the opportunity to attach monitors successfully.

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  • Make certain your laptop is on, and you’ll be connecting the monitor cables while the laptop is on.
  • Check if both of the brand new monitors include suitable cables. Your laptop must have one option for VGA and another for HDMI. So be sure that your monitors also include two different cables, otherwise, you’ll have to make use of a splitter.
  • Put the facility cable on the monitor after which connect the plug to the facility outlet. Then take the monitor’s external cable after which plug that onto the acceptable port.
  • Do the identical for the second monitor as well. Plug the facility adapter in after which connect the cable.
  • In case your windows is on, that’ll automatically discover the brand new monitors but you possibly can check it by going into the display setting.
  • That is the way you check whether the monitors are connected or not…
  1. Click right on the mouse.
  2. Click on the display setting.
  3. On top, you’ll see a display arrangement, where it’s best to three 3 displays
  • Display 1 is your primary display which is the laptop’s display and 2,3 are the brand new ones you only added.
  • On the display setting, you’re going to get to customize the displays. The most typical customization is to increase all of the displays in order that you should use each screen for various purposes.

What to Check Before Connecting Dual Monitors on the Laptop?

Do you will have an acceptable laptop for two monitors? Despite the fact that many of the windows laptops now tư vấn 2 monitors not less than but still, it can be wise to examine in case your laptop is compatible with two extra monitors or not. And to make sure that you’ll have to have a look at the next things.

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Graphics card

Your laptop comes with a graphics card and it’s a must to be sure that it’s compatible with two monitors. The knowledge will likely be found on the graphics card itself, but since that’s not a convenient option, you possibly can tìm kiếm on your graphics card on the net after which check the specification.

There ought to be something like multi-monitor supported or Multi-monitor = Yes. For accurate information, it’s best to check the manufacturer’s website. For instance, in case your laptop comes with an NVIDIA graphics card, check on NVIDIA’s official website.

Ports on the Laptop

After that, you’ll have to take a look at what number of ports your laptop has. If you will have one port, then you definately’ll must do something for one more monitor.

Usually, laptops include DVI (digital video interface). HDMI (High definition multimedia interface), and VGA (video graphics array) ports.

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Check your laptop and see which ports you will have. If you’re using the most recent laptop then probably you will have one in every of each. If that’s the case, then you’ll have to be sure that the monitor cable also matches.

For instance, if both of the monitors include HDMI cables, you won’t have the opportunity to attach directly, as your laptop has one HDMI port. What it’s best to do is, buy two monitors with different ports.

However, it isn’t like you possibly can’t use two HDMI cable monitors with a single HDMI port, sure you possibly can, with a spiller. But in the long term, there are high possibilities of frequent connection drops.

What to Do if my Laptop Doesn’t Include the Needed Ports?

Well, in case your laptop ports don’t match with the connectors, there’s still a way for you to make use of two monitors together with your laptop/ But for that, you’ll have to spend somewhat money. Here is how you are able to do it…

  • Get yourself a good-quality HDMI dual monitor adapter or pluggable 4k display port. All you wish is a working USB 3.0 port in your laptop. You’ll connect the adapter to the laptop’s USB port after which you’ll connect the monitor connectors to the brand new ports you only attached.
  • Or you possibly can go for a switch or display splitter as well. In case you don’t know, a splitter is something that can include two or more ports.

(For instance, in case your laptop has a single HDMI port but both of your monitors include HDMI connectors, in that case, you possibly can attach the splitter to your laptop’s HDMI port after which connect the monitor connectors to the Two HDMI ports of the splitter. However, sometimes they drop the connection. )

  • Or you should use a docking station, that works pretty cool too.

What to Do if the Laptop Didn’t Discover the New Monitors?

It happens sometimes that laptops cannot detect the external monitors automatically. In that case, you’ll have to re-check the connections and be sure that you will have put the precise cable to the precise port.

And then you definately’ll must watch for a couple of minutes. Restarting your laptop may very well be move too.

And even then your laptop doesn’t find the monitors. Then either the graphics card doesn’t tư vấn two monitors or it is advisable to update the driving force.

If it’s a difficulty with the graphics card, there isn’t any way apart from buying a brand new graphics card. And if it’s the difficulty of updating the driving force, then are a couple of ways you are able to do that.

You’ll be able to upgrade the drive both manually and automatically, here is how to do this.

Automatically: To update the driving force automatically you’ll need the assistance of third-party software like Driver easy. There are free versions available, and it’ll automatically detect the outdated drivers after which will update them. Make certain you’re connected to the web.

Manually: You’ll have to identify what driver must update and then you definately’ll must tìm kiếm for that correct driver, tải về that, after which install it on the laptop.


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How to attach two monitors to my laptop? This question is now answered in the best way possible.

If you will have passed through your entire article, exactly methods to do it and what to do if the laptop is unable to find the monitors. I hope this guide was worth reading, let me know if I can enable you to with anything.

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