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Easy methods to Connect ps4 to Laptop?


Do you must love playing games but don’t know the way to attach ps4 to the Laptop and need to know how you can play ps4 on laptop? While you’re playing your latest games of soccer, boxing, and tag in your gaming laptop, it’s often assumed that if you might have the proper equipment (your PS4 and 4K TV), you’ll be playing flawlessly. However, it could come as a surprise to seek out that your fresh television isn’t working the way in which you would like it to. Enter another problem: how exactly do you go about connecting your PS4 to a laptop?. If you happen to didn’t know that was even possible, you aren’t alone. Here is a method which will give you the results you want.

Easy methods to Use Laptop for PS4

You should use your laptop’s HDMI port to plug in your PS4 and luxuriate in gaming in your gaming laptop. There are a few things that that you must do in an effort to finally sit back and play your PS4 games through a laptop screen.

  • Through A Streaming Service or Remote Play
  • Through Capture Card

For those of you who don’t know, Remote Play is a streaming service offered by Sony itself. The aim of that is to permit PC and Mac users to benefit from the PS4 lối chơi on their preferred computer monitor devices. However, you do require a PS4 console in an effort to links it to your desktop.

In actual fact, the next is a listing of things you’ll need to establish Remote Play.

  • A Laptop
  • A PS4 console
  • Internet
  • USB Cable
  • A PS4 Account

  • Tải về Remote Play in your Laptop
  • Turn your console on and go to the Settings > PlayStation Network > Account Management. Enable ‘Active as Primary PS4.
  • Update your console’s software to three.50 through System Software Update’.
  • Now go to Settings > Remote Play Connection Settings, and enable it. You could keep your console on.
  • Go to Settings > Power Save Settings > Set Features Available in Rest Mode > Enable Turning on PS4 from Network.
  • Open the Remote Play you downloaded in your Laptop. Tap the Settings option and adjust the fps and determination as per your screen’s specifications for optimum gameplay experience
  • Connect your PS4 controller to the desktop using the USB port. You may as well connect it wirelessly by holding the PlayStation and Share buttons simultaneously in your controller. As soon as your controller’s LED starts flashing, connect it to your computer through the USB cable. It’ll take about 4 to five seconds in your controller to get paired. If it takes more time, redo
  • Now simply open your Remote Play app on the PC or MAC and log in using your console’s credentials. Make it possible for the console is turned on, or otherwise, you won’t find a way to attach your PS4 and the PC.

Easy methods to Connect PS4 To Laptop Through HDMI

Equipment you wish for this 

  • A laptop
  • A Video Capture Card
  • Dual-function HDMI
  • A PS4 console
  • A wireless internet
  • Enabled File Sharing


  • Plugin and install the Video Capture Card (VCC) in your computer using a USB port.
  • Use an S-Video connection cable to attach the Video Capture Card to your PS4 console. Attach the HDMI-out to the console and the HDMI-in to the VCC.
  • Turn the console on and run the Video Capture Card software in your computer. You will note your console appearing on the screen.


If you’re keen on gaming, connect PS4 to your laptop and play your favorite games. Gamers can arrange wifi in ps4 pro and ps4. The ps4 offers an incredible multiplayer experience with multiplayer games like cs go, PUBG, Destiny 2, etc.

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