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Crab War Mod Apk v3.46.0 (Unlimited money)

Crab War Mod Apk hack full money (Unlimited money) is the game that I will introduce to everyone today. This game is also known as war crab, with easy gameplay but no less fun. Let’s just get started.

Crab War –

Crab War Mod Apk is a game developed and implemented by Appxplore (iCandy). The game products of this publisher also have in common that the game graphics are quite beautiful and beautiful. In the games that were introduced for the first time, today’s game I show everyone is a pretty good success. The game has received many positive reviews from the game community. How to play easy without losing the fun part.

Compared to those of you who want to download Crab War hack full money right away, please scroll down to the bottom of the article content to be able to download it. Download the game to your computer. I have available download links and setup instructions for everyone. In this part, I will talk a little bit about this game through personal comments as well as data discovered from the game publisher. In general, nothing special.

Story in Crab War Hack

Those who want to explore the game can check out the trailer above. Or easier, download the game and give it a try. When first entering the game, gamers will see the story of the game. It’s pretty easy and short. I will summarize here.

Crab War Mod Apk

Image in the game Crab War Mod Apk

Due to giant reptiles invading the ground, crabs have to burrow deep into the ground to live. Affected by the mysterious crystal’s energy, the crabs have become stronger, preparing to return to the earth and take revenge. Gather a total of crabs, launch an attack to reclaim the old house.

Crab species

According to the data I discovered, this game also has many different crab species. Apparently about 80 species with great size depending on that species. In total, crab species have the ability to evolve, dealing more damage, increasing the critical rate as well as the critical rate. In addition, there are other stats such as speed.

crab war mod apk 2

Tested the full money hack Crab War game exclusively for Android Smartphones

With the full money hack Crab War version that I share, most people have the ability to find gold coins to their heart’s content. From there, it is possible to update existing crab species, unlocking new crab species. Enhance basic stats to defeat giant reptiles.


In the supermarket, there are 5 types of functions that gamers can buy. Those functions are yellowtail fish, damage increase, attack crab, total attack, killer crab, respectively. Its features are in turn increase 120000 gold, increase damage for 3 hours, total attack for 3 hours, total attack instantaneously, summon 1 killer crab and attack with great damage.

crab war mod apk 3

Other interesting functions are in the game Crab War Mod Apk

As you can see, the full money hack Crab War version that I share has modded a lot of money already. Most have the ability to use that money to activate the above 5 types of functions for the convenience of hanging up, updating crab species and unlocking new achievements and skills.

Other functions

In this section, I will talk about the main functions of the game. The first function is skill. Some of the crabs will have its basic skills. Gamers will unlock these skills when updating that crab species. And other skills are also unlocked. Evolving will also yield additional stats.

Transformation function, the species of will be transformed to increase the power. When activated, it will summon an extremely powerful mutant crab, capable of defeating reptiles very high. Since cast, must wait for the cooldown. That’s because it’s a great function, mostly used in fighting bosses.

Requirements and game data Crab War Mod Apk

It’s a fairly compact game with eye-catching, simple graphics. I have tested the game on Android Smartphone and it feels ok without any difficulty. Please feel free to download the game to your computer to play. The following is one of the data that I found, please read through it a bit.

crab war mod apk 3

Activating the mod Crab War Mod Apk

Some of the data and requirements of the game Crab War Mod Apk

  • Help to set up on devices running Android 4.1 and above.
  • Version share: 3.46.0.
  • Size: 89 MB.
  • The version of the game Crab War share at kpb-creations has been modded with a lot of money.
  • Google Play (original links): Game Crab War for Android.
  • The game does not need an Internet connection (mostly offline) and the Crab War mod does not need root.
  • The game Crab War has stopped developing a new version on Google Play.

Download Crab War Hack Full money for Android Smartphone

The following side is the link to download Crab War hack full money that I uploaded to google drive with only 1 link. Everyone click on the links below to go to the game download tab. To set up the game, just open the apk file and select setup. If the download link has any difficulty, remember to report it to me. Will try to resolve as quickly as possible.

Note: you can only use the supermarket when you reach a height of 30m. The original game requires it but people say it can’t be used (-.-).

To activate MOD full money, go to the game’s menu and click on “Follow us” – English “Follow kpbcreations” (as shown in the image in the article content)

Note: can only use the supermarket when reached 30m high. The original game requires it but people say it can’t be used (-.-).

The mod “enhanced / does not restore skills”

Click Download Crab War Hack Full

Mod “coins are generated when spent”

Click download Crab War Mod Full

That is just a few easy steps to be able to download Crab War hack full money (mod quite a lot of money) on Android Smartphone already. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to comment below the article content or send a direct message to my page. Follow kpb-creations constantly to update other good and interesting games. See you in the next article content.

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