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Can Reset Airpod (Pro) be found again?

Can Reset Airpod (Pro) be found again? Is the question that young people are looking for data. Airpod is still an accessory loved by young people because of its difference as well as its outstanding functions. The presence of Airpods has opened a new direction for the technology industry and experimented with sound in a more modern and minimalist way.

Along with the trend and development of Airpods, the phenomenon of theft also occurs quite a lot. The content of this post by Kpbcreations will give you one of the Airpods data as well as answer your questions.

The outstanding features of the Airpods headphones

Anyone who uses smart devices is interested in the characteristics and functions of the device with AirPods as well. The following is one of the strengths of the Airpods headset that we can learn more about before deciding to use headphones from Apple:

, ​​sophisticated design

Just released, Airpods have become The swimming boom design is extremely pleasing to its eye. Apple has taken a successful step when launching Airpods. Just like the old generation headphones, but Airpods are equipped with a wireless design. Solve the defects or tangles of basic headphones.

Airpods have won over everyone, even the picky ones, when it comes to looking like a device from the future. With a white appearance covered with a glossy paint on the outside, it is definitely most beautiful. Compact volume, inspiring the user satisfaction.

Easy installation and setup

Airpods has the ability to simply connect to devices with the same iOS operating system as Iphone, Ipad, Apple Watch, etc. with very simple operations. Not only that, Airpods also equip users with a microphone so that users can have a normal conversation when there is an incoming call as well as send requests to Siri virtual assistant on the connected device.

Vibrant sound quality

Airpods are used a lot by experts in terms of sound quality brought to users. It far surpassed the audio equipment of the period. In addition to the ability to increase and decrease sound, the outstanding feature of Airpods is that it has an extremely good sound filtering mode and almost perfect noise resistance. Help users have extremely interesting experiments and more complete audio moments.

Long time

The current AirPods series on the market offer up to 3 hours of talk time on a full charge and 2 hours on a 15-minute charge. In addition, when we have the Airpods 2, the ability to listen to music for 5 hours when fully charged and 3 hours for a 15-minute charge.

That is Apple’s new breakthrough direction when it comes to upgrading the quality of its headphones. The product is becoming a plus point for Airpods in particular and smart devices from Apple in short, have a place in the hearts of technology lovers.

Can Reset Airpods (Pro) be found again?

With just a few basic steps, the target of the thief has the ability to reset your Airpods (Pro). Airpods have the ability to return to factory settings by simply clicking and holding the settings button on the back of the Airpods case. Soon after, when the light flashes from amber to white, your Airpods have been reset.

With the question Reset Airpod (Pro) can be found again? You will not be able to locate the location of the Airpods (Pro) anymore, similar to being unable to find it again. It’s really very unfortunate that the thieves know how to reset Airpods. We can quickly contact the nearest security agency for information on the above theft case to have a timely solution.

How to find a lost Airpod (Pro)

When using Airpods, because of its small size and neatness, many of you are always easy to drop, drop, or disappear. Then there is the fastest and easiest way to find Airpods that everyone can use.

Locating Airpods via Find My iPhone software

With operating systems from iOS 10.3 and above, Apple equips the iPhone with the Find My iPhone feature to help you find Airpods or iPhones when they are stolen or missing. When using this method, you need to make sure you have the Find My software installed before we lose your Airpods or Airpods Pro. To deploy to find Airpods, we perform the following easy work:

Step 1: Open the software Find My on your iPhone device.

Airpod (Pro)

Step 2: Then select the Device section and then select the name of your Airpods hat Airpods Pro.

reset airpod pro co tim lai duoc khong 2

Step 3: Right now, iPhone will show the most recent location that Airpods connected to your iPhone on the map. Thus, we can remember where we dropped our Airpods. We can click on Directions to find out how to get there. When we get close, we can choose Play sound to find the location of the Airpods more simply.


Note: If you only lose one earphone, you should choose Mute on the left or Mute on the right to make it easier to find. You should also remove the other earbud from your ear to protect your ears.

The content of the article has given you one of useful data about your Airpods as well as the answer to the question Can Reset Airpod (Pro) be found again? Hope you are more vigilant in protecting your personal belongings. Hope that the content of this article is useful to you. Wish you happiness.

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