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9 Best Mouse For Minecraft PVP 2022

Many individuals are playing Minecraft but they didn’t play it like a professional due to mouse so in this text I’ll let you know one of the best mouse for Minecraft PVP.

When you purchase a mouse then remember to read the buying guide since it helps you to seek out the mouse for you as your need. So first I offers you a buying guide after which I offers you an inventory of one of the best mouse for Minecraft PVP. All these mouse are best for fast clicking techniques like Kohi clicking.

In last I can even let you know my very own opinion of you and my personal favorite mouse that it’s also possible to use for yourself. We offer great reviews on technology and gaming gadgets that enable you to to embellish and complete your gaming room in a greater way. Our information relies on complete research and we gather it from the most well-liked tech and gaming sites like TechCrunch, TechRadar, CrazyBings, Wired, TomsHardware.

If you wish to be unbeatable in Minecraft, then you should utilize autoclicker with the below-listed mouse. It could enable you to to automate mouse clicks in your minecraft game.

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So let’s begins,

If you might be in hurry than take a look at this

71gecmhXq3L. SL1500 1

Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O-

  • E-SPORT CUSTOMIZATION: 6-Step DPI, lighting effects, polling rate, lift off distance, 6 buttons with macro support, and more.
  • SIZE & STYLE: Ambidextrous ultra lightweight gaming mouse
  • MOUSE FEET: Our Glorious Skates are 100% pure Virgin PTFE that may glide like blades on ice
  • 180-Day Replacement Guarantee + 2 Year Warranty

This mouse is one of the best mouse for Minecraft PVP that is my personal favorite mouse and that is highly recommended for you.

5 Best mouse for Minecraft PVP

1. Razer DeathAdder V2

This mouse is the gorgeous mouse same thing because the 2013 death adder which, if you happen to don’t know was like the principle mouse for a butterfly clicking back within the day like the times quite a bit of individuals used to make use of this mouse back in like the times.

51dUZNQEp8L. SL1000 1

Razer DeathAdder V2

  • Focus+ 20K DPI Optical Sensor
  • 3x Faster Than Traditional Mechanical Switches
  • Immersive, Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting
  • 8 Programmable Buttons
  • Drag-Free Cord for Wireless-Like Performance

This mouse is best for jitter clicking and butterfly clicking the switches on it are so light is one in all the best mice clicks the form is big of this mouse so I like to recommend this mouse for people who’ve larger hands.

This mouse also has 8 programmable buttons which are a very benefit of this mouse this also contains RGB lights and you possibly can customize the RGB lights as you wish.


  • 20,000 DPI Focus+ sensor works fantastically
  • New drag-free cable
  • Easy customization
  • Great ergonomic design
  • Significantly lighter than the DeathAdder Elite


  • Only two RGB lighting zone
  • Only is available in right-handed

2. Logitech G502 HERO

This Mouse is Because the 2014 industry but yearly something changes and makes it better for gaming. And little doubt that is one in all one of the best mice in the entire industry and no mouse could be better than this but let’s see what this beast actually has.

g502 hero intro nb

Logitech G502 Hero

  • Hero 25K sensor through a software update from G HUB, this upgrade is free to all players: Our most advanced, with 1:1 tracking, 400-plus ips, and 100 – 25,600 max dpi sensitivity plus zero smoothing, filtering, or acceleration
  • 11 customizable buttons and onboard memory: Assign custom commands to the buttons and save as much as five able to play profiles on to the mouse
  • Adjustable weight system: Arrange as much as five removable 3.6 grams weights contained in the mouse for personalized weight and balance tuning

It has the Hero 25K sensor which supplies you 25,600 DPI which is best in school for the worth point and over 400 IPS you get everything you wish on this mouse to play Minecraft as a professional.

They are saying it has 11 programmable buttons but you simply going to program the 9 buttons and each button is in the appropriate place and it’s a very well-designed mouse because it’s been out since 2014 that’s the rationale why it’s so perfect.

It also has adjustable weights which you don’t get in a lot of the mouses on this price range. And if we speak about the build quality that’s best no other mouse can offer you this quality at this price point.

Another cool thing is the mouse wheel it’s best it has the button to modify from tactile bump and a freewheel and it’s made up of metal.


  • Flawless performance
  • Glides well despite the heavy weight
  • Best scroll wheel ever
  • RGB lighting


  • Extra buttons liable to accidental misclicks
  • Little bit of an underwhelming update

3. Razer Viper 8KHz

8000Hz means that is the fastest mouse in the entire world and likewise the fastest switches that are 2gen optical switches and it has 20,000 Dpi and a spotlight + optical sensor.

1500x1000 3

Razer Viper 8KHz

  • Razer 8000Hz HyperPolling Technology: With a true 8000Hz polling rate, the mouse can communicate its position and clicks to your PC at as much as 8000 times a second—for near-zero input latency and a level of speed you’ve yet to experience
  • Razer Focus+ 20K Optical Sensor: With new intelligent functions equivalent to motion sync and asymmetric cut-off, our sensor flawlessly tracks your movement with zero spinouts, allowing for crisp response and pixel-precise accuracy
  • 2nd-Gen Razer Optical Mouse Switch: The improved polling rate maximizes the switches’ potential in order that they register as much as 8x faster —providing quick, clean execution for as much as 70 million clicks with zero unintended double-clicking

It has two side browser buttons on each side and a pleasant texture grip. This mouse offers you the smoothest experience while playing and even just moving the mouse on the screen.

This mouse will perform best when you wish to track anything while gaming.


  • 8000Hz polling rate.
  • Incredibly low click latency.
  • Feels very well-built.
  • Very light.
  • Comfortable, ambidextrous design.


  • Software isn’t compatible on macOS.
  • Cable isn’t as flexible as another options.

4. Logitech G102

This can be a budget gaming mouse its price may be very low in comparison with other mice. There may be yet one more mouse Logitech 502 but It’s it click may be very narrow you possibly can butterfly click on it however it’s not very comfortable as in comparison with Logitech G102.

61UxfXTUyvL. SL1500 1

Logitech G102

  • CLASSIC,GAMER TESTED DESIGN : Play comfortably and with total control.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE SETTINGS : To suit the sensitivity you want
  • SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS : Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.11 or later, Chrome OSTM, USB port, Internet access for Logitech Gaming Software (optional). USB report rate: 1000 Hz (1ms)

This mouse is for gaming so you possibly can customize the sensitivity of this mouse based on your need. Like whenever you play the several games there’s different sensitivity for all games so you possibly can customize it.

This mouse also has RGB lights and they’re very cool based on the mouse shape and begins you possibly can customize the RGB lights to across 16.8 million colors.


  • Clean appearance
  • Great software support
  • Solid feeling scroll wheel

5. Redragon Cobra M711

The primary reason to be used of this mouse is for drag clicking it’s a reasonably notorious mouse for drag clicking this mouse has 5 adjustable DPI levels (500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000)  so you possibly can customize the sensitivity of the mouse based on DPI levels.

61mPlkAdz5L. SL1500

Redragon Cobra M711 

  • 5 adjustable DPI levels (500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000)
  • Besides, the mouse point Speed setting within the software also permits you to mildly change the movement speed of the mouse to realize one of the best fit mode for yourself
  • 16-Million Màu sắc backlight ‘breathing’ RGB LED gives out ambient light and set you in a novel gaming atmosphere
  • Adopted the most recent professional gaming chip AVAGO to capture fast and accurate movement for precise control, 5 adjustable DPI setting
  • Whether you might be targeting, aiming, slashing or attacking, knowledgeable gaming mouse

This mouse has (7 out of 9) programmable buttons shape of this mouse is nice but I believe that the Logitech G102 is more comfortable in use as in comparison with this.

But when you will have the programmable button then you possibly can go together with this mouse.


  • High customization
  • Comfortable to make use of
  • Màu sắc-accurate RGB lighting


  • May be too small for some users

6. Logitech G PRO Hero

This mouse is completely for gaming the price of this mouse is high than the previous one however the performance of this mouse is basically one of the best.

41ACfNvU8iL. SL1000

Logitech G PRO Hero

  • Programmable buttons
  • 16.8 million colour lights
  • Metal spring tensioning
  • Low Force actuation
  • Best accuracy

The design and shape of this mouse also look cool, this mouse looks just like the Logitech G102 but this mouse has a unique experience and has more features as in comparison with the Logitech G102.

It contains programmable buttons. The accuracy of this mouse is basically good if you happen to play snipping games then you wish accuracy for that game so this mouse will provide you one of the best accuracy performance while gaming.


  • Low click latency.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Lightweight.
  • High polling rate.


  • No weight optimization.
  • The cable is a bit stiff and retains kinks.

7. Glorious Model O-

The design of this mouse may be very cool and different from another mouse as you possibly can see that the mouse has a phenomenal shape and design it gives you a next-level experience while using it.

71gecmhXq3L. SL1500 2 1

Glorious Model O-

  • E-SPORT CUSTOMIZATION: 6-Step DPI, lighting effects, polling rate, lift off distance, click/scroll speed, 6 buttons with macro support, and more.
  • SIZE & STYLE: Ambidextrous ultra lightweight gaming mouse
  • MOUSE FEET: Our Glorious Skates are 100% pure Virgin PTFE that may glide like blades on ice
  • 180-Day Replacement Guarantee + 2 Year Warranty

Model o- is one of the best mouse for butterfly clicking that’s because they’ve debounced settings of their software if you switch the D bound slider all of the option to the left then the mouse will double click easily and it’s a simple mouse to get 20cps.

The cable of that is the mouse may be very flexible and straightforward to make use of. That is my personal favorite mouse and that is highly recommended for you. That is one of the best mouse for Minecraft PVP on our list.


  • Flawless sensor performance
  • Good selection of components
  • Different surface-treatment options
  • MTBF of 20 million clicks switches
  • Nice-looking RGB lighting
  • Extremely light


  • Side buttons might be better
  • Sides can flex inward with high pressure
  • Requires frequent cleaning

8. Corsair Ironclaw PVP Mouse for Gmaing Minecraft

The Corsair Ironclaw RGB delivers the ultimate competitive advantage, with a robust 12,000 DPI optical sensor and interchangeable Magnetic Grip that may quickly and simply swap between a precise sniper grip and a wider speed-oriented palm grip in a single click.

Corsari ironclaw for minecraft

Corsair IronClaw

  • Best Dual option mouse that’s available in both wired and wirelss. (Is determined by user interest.)
  • 18000 DPI, that’s perfect selection for  FPS and MOBA Gaming.
  • Lightweight body only 105g total weight that helps every gammer to maneuver it faster and recover from your enimes within the games like PVP.

The advanced ergonomic design is lightweight, contoured, and sculpted for a more comfortable, natural feel during play. The Ironclaw RGB was designed from the bottom as much as be the ultimate high-performance gaming mouse, with essentially the most customizable buttons and professional-grade features.

CORSAIR’s M65 PRO RGB is a high-performance gaming mouse that’s built for comfort and sturdiness to play your Minecraft PVP in a greater way. It’s crafted to suit the contours of your hand – making it an ideal fit for a variety of hand sizes.


  • Made for larger hands
  • New optical sensor PMW3391
  • Two segment RGB for eye candy
  • Textured grips and wheel
  • Good buttons


  • Quite light at just 105g due to its all-plastic construction
  • Abstruse software
  • Very thick, heavy, and stiff cable

9. SteelSeries Rival 600

It has a USB data transfer rate of 1 megabyte per second, and its advanced weight system allows you to customize the mouse to accommodate your personal competitive play style. The revolutionary silicone side grips accommodate both large and small hands, and they supply added durability for intense gameplay. While the SteelSeries Engine 3 permits you to customize the mouse to your exact specifications, with full RGB lighting.

steelseries rival 600 minecraft pvp gaming mouse

SteelSeries Rival 600 Mice of Minecraft

  • The mice have a median price not so cheap and never an excessive amount of high price. Perfect for begineers to master lavel minecraft player.
  • We even have more different models within the steel series like Aerox 3, Rival 650, Prime and Prime+ options in numerous price ranges.
  • Probably the most recomended mouse for the games like world of tanks, minecraft PVP, fortnite, CS:GO, Valorant.

Are you ready for intense competition? The SteelSeries Rival 600 is the weapon of choice for today’s top esports professionals and one of many best gaming mice for Minecraft PVP. The 12,000 DPI TrueMove3 optical sensor tracks on any surface, delivering ultra-precise tracking and immaculate accuracy. It could actually detect as much as 200 inches per second, and it has a 0.5-millimeter lift-off distance.

An esports sensor that tracks so precisely, it outperforms mice which are twice the worth. Plus, you’re in control of a whole weight system that permits you to customize the balance and center of gravity to your personal preferences. And the exclusive true move 3+ technology means you possibly can move at lightning speeds, with zero lag or acceleration, with virtually zero lift-off distance. And, if you wish to take your play to an entire new level, customize it with a spectrum of eight hand-painted, multicolor LED light effects.


  • Beautiful design
  • Accurate sensor
  • Pretty illumination
  • Dual sensor system eliminates lift or drift


  • Weights are a bit of finicky
  • A number of software quirks
  • A tad pricier than competitors

Mouse Buying guide


Initially, you must check the DPI of the mouse that you might be purchasing. DPI means Dots per inch in simple ways it tells you the sensitivity of the mouse. This implies when you might be moving a mouse how briskly the cursor of the mouse is moving.

If you progress the mouse a bit of and if the DPI is high of the mouse the cursor will move faster and offer you a faster result.

And if the DPI is low then sensitivity can be low means if you happen to mouse the mouse then the cursor will move normally (not too fast).

If you're a normal user and you will have work of your office then you must buy a standard mouse but when you're a gamer then you must buy adustable mouse in adustable mouse you possibly can customize the DPI of the mouse.
In several games there's different sensivity required so I like to recommend that adustable DPI mouse is best for gamers. Later on this post I'll let you know one of the best mouse for minecraft pvp.

Varieties of sensor

That is also a crucial thing that which sensor is nice for you. In mice, there are two varieties of sensors first is an optical sensor and the second is a laser sensor.

Difference between Optical and laser sensor.

There’s a major difference in price if you’ll purchase the optical sensor mouse then there’s using infrared light in that mouse and that’s cheap as in comparison with the laser sensor and the laser sensor mouse is more costly than optical.

If you utilize an optical mouse on any surface then it gives you such a pleasant performance however the laser sensor won’t offer you nice performance while gaming so if you’re a gamer then I like to recommend that an optical sensor mouse is best for you.

Wired or wireless mouse

As you already know, there are also wireless mice available out there, but is the wireless mouse better than the wired one?

So this totally will depend on you which ones kind of work you’ll do through the mouse based on the work you must choose the appropriate one like if you don’t any kind of delay or every other problem then a wired mouse is healthier for you.

If you’re a gamer then I like to recommend that you must choose the wired mouse for you because you’re going to get instant performance while gaming. The wired mouse can be cheaper than the wireless mouse.

If you wish the wireless mouse then there are two typed first is the nano receiver on this you’re going to get a USB-type nano receiver and whenever you plug within the nano receiver in your computer your mouse will start working.

The second is Bluetooth on this case your mouse will pair to your computer. In some mouses, you’re going to get both nano receiver and Bluetooth but they’re very costly. Now let’s speak about the Best mouse for Minecraft PVP

Conclusion of Best mouse for Minecraft PVP

On this post, I had told you the Best mouse for Minecraft PVP and I had given you my very own recommendation you. If I do not need a high budget, there’s also some budget-friendly mouse on our list. So it’s also possible to take a look at them.

But when you will have enough budget then I like to recommend that you must should with the Glorious Model O-.

I hope you’re going to get your best mouse for Minecraft PVP

What’s the best mouse for Minecraft PVP 2021?

1. Logitech G502. This Minecraft mouse boasts many handy features, customizable weight, and ultrafast wireless performance. The body accommodates 11 programmable buttons and has an integrated Hero sensor with as much as 16000 DPI that ensures accurate tracking.

What’s the best mouse for Minecraft PVP?

(Top5) Best Mouse for Minecraft PVP Gaming
Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse.
Razer DeathAdder Professional-Grade Gaming Mouse.
ROCCAT ROC Tri-Button Gaming Mouse.
Redragon M601 RGB Gaming Mouse.
SteelSeries Rival 300, Optical Gaming Mouse.

Do you wish a gaming mouse for Minecraft?

In the event you’re talking about using a mouse for the only real purpose of Minecraft and ONLY Minecraft then in my opinion you don’t need a gaming mouse. They’re used to make your gameplay fast and precise and sustain with the mechanics in the sport. Basically to make it easier for you.

What’s the best cheap mouse for Minecraft?

The Perfect Budget All-Rounder

If you’re looking for an amazing gaming mouse to start in Minecraft, look no further than the Razer DeathAdder v2. If the name rings a bell, that’s likely since the DeathAdder line is one in all the most well-liked among casual PC gamers.

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