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15 Food Startups in 2022 That You Must Know About

The food startups industry is exploding with new ideas, that are helping to enhance the worldwide food ecology. Food companies are modernizing the food industry by incorporating new technologies into supply chains, business models, and consumer journeys.

In consequence, we’re seeing a slew of fast-growing food businesses with fantastic business models disrupting the industry’s existing ecosystem. We’ll feature a few of essentially the most exceptional food companies which are altering the industry as we all know it as a part of the post.

15 Food Startups in 2022 That You Must Know About


What’s the definition of food startups?

Let’s start by learning more about food startups and what they’re. Food startups, in essence, are an ecosystem comprised of all companies working within the food industry to enhance products, distribution, marketing, or business models. New food entrepreneurs are reimagining and redefining the complete business by leveraging technological breakthroughs. Some food startups are involved in food production, while others provide new services and tools to customers.

Many food companies aspire to enhance our lives, from meal delivery applications to novel ingredients, new foodservice solutions, innovative customer support, and cutting-edge supply chain technologies.

All of those provide improved consumer experiences, higher-quality food to enjoy, and cost-effective solutions, all while meeting the World’s expanding food needs.

One thing is certain: food entrepreneurs, like their customers’ demands, are constantly evolving. The next is a listing of the latest food startups making waves within the sector.

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Top 15 Food Startups which are changing the World

1. Remedy Organics

Remedy, situated in New Jersey, offers plant-based juices and smoothies crammed with popular ingredients like chocolate, MCT oil, dates, and more. It’s one among ten startups that PepsiCo regards as the way forward for food and beverage.

Remedy’s expanding market share is aided by sleek packaging and intelligent, focused product ranges.

2. Hungry

Hungry is a food Startup that connects you with the highest local chefs and food delivery services in your area. They’ve evolved right into a platform for exceptional chef-prepared food production and delivery services, including business and event catering, contracted meal delivery services, and more.

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This burgeoning culinary firm uses a marketplace of top local chefs, a robust software platform that permits them to operate quickly, consistently, and scalably, and ongoing investments in training and development of their workforce.

In consequence, in an industry longing for innovation and alter, they will supply businesses with outstanding food and engagement solutions.

3. Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods is a food Startup that produces plant-based meat, dairy, and seafood alternatives. To generate food items much like meat and dairy products, it selects specific proteins and nutrients from vegetation, seeds, and grains.

It uses cellular agriculture technology to create actual blood from a plant-derived chemical often known as ‘heme,’ which is then put into the product. Heme is liable for making meat taste like meat; hence the startup’s product closely resembles animal meat.

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4. Toast

Toast is a point-of-sale and restaurant management platform for the food and beverage and hospitality industries, which provides a cloud-based system designed specifically for its restaurant customers.

Its solutions offer a user-friendly interface, tableside ordering, quick menu modifications, real-time enterprise reporting, online ordering, and employee administration.

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5. Goldbelly

Users may recognize Goldbelly as a powerful display marketer and retargeting advertiser from popular social sites. Goldbelly’s business model is simple: deliver legendary dishes from renowned restaurants around the USA to your home.

Goldbelly checks out the preferred eateries before serving their hottest menu item to hungry customers.


Investors seem to love their careful curation and cuisine options, as seen by their over $100 million in funding.

6. RightRice

Rice is one among essentially the most widely consumed foods on the planet. Therefore, it’s an obvious target for disruption. RightRice, based in California, has invented a rice substitute made entirely of veggies.

RightRice has taken on one among the most typical and easy-to-cook dinners with a product that provides twice the protein, five times the fiber, and far fewer carbs.



7. Zume Pizza

Zume Pizza is a web based pizza delivery service run by a food entrepreneur. Its unique selling point is that it employs robots within the kitchen.

ABB, a multinational corporation, makes Zume’s robots. Its employees are in command of the pizza packaging and delivery. Customers can place orders online or through the corporate’s mobile app.

8. Freshly

Freshly provides gourmet ready-to-eat meals right to the shopper’s door. The culinary company provides first-class, professionally prepared meals (involves avoiding processed foods and specializing in healthy, whole foods).

Freshly’s expert chefs produce fresh, gourmet, ready-to-eat meals designed to spice up health using locally sourced and organic products. Customers can pick from various subscription programs offered on their app or website to order meals.

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9. Olo

Olo is a digital food ordering platform that connects restaurants with the World of on-demand dining. From fully-branded user interfaces to in-house order management capabilities that help over 60K restaurants run smoothly, the startup’s platform handles millions of orders per week across every point of restaurant e-commerce.

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10. Mosa Meat

This food Startup creates and sells meat substitutes. They’re reinventing the complete process by moving away from traditional agriculture and toward a more sustainable technique that’s also accessible and environmentally friendly.

Mosa Meat’s staff shapes the product and makes it cheap for everybody, knowing that meat production consumes 80% of all agricultural land.  Because of Mosa Meat’s cultured beef burger, many individuals will enjoy kinder beef burgers, leading to a greater planet to continue to exist.

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Popmenu is a SaaS-based food startup that helps restaurants attract and retain consumers by transforming their menu right into a vital tool. Its cloud-based marketing and customer engagement platform employ intelligent algorithms to watch and transform menus, customer feedback, customer ratings, and other similar data into an interactive environment.

Hotels and customers can communicate directly with each other and access custom-made menus and restaurant recommendations in real-time.



12. Daring Foods

Daring Foods is a food firm that makes plant-based chicken a healthy alternative to meat. Vegan meat items which are dairy and egg-free are among the many startup’s offerings. The food items are freed from palm oil, genetically modified organisms, hormones, and antibiotics, making them a sustainable, pleasant, and satisfying plant-based option for individuals who eat chicken again and again per week.

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13. Deliveroo

This food business provides consumers with fast and dependable delivery services that they will track on their phones. Deliveroo has grown at a rate of virtually 650 percent yearly.

Deliveroo has aided in creating thousands of latest jobs within the sector as a results of these developments. Their ‘Frank’ system uses predictive technology to find out essentially the most efficient method to distribute orders counting on consumers, restaurant locations, and riders.

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14. UpsideFoods

UpsideFoods is a food startup that makes economical, delicious, and widely available cell-based meat. They’re committed to producing high-quality farmed meat, ensuring that the strategy is sustainable.


Their method involves taking a small sample of healthy chicken cells, putting them in a nutrient-rich environment, and growing them into pure, clean meat able to cook and consume.

That way, they will cook chicken for everybody from a single chicken. Furthermore, cultured meat consumes 77% less water and 62% less land than conventional meat.

15. Solar Foods

Solar Foods is a food startup seeking to revolutionize food production on a worldwide scale. Essentially, the corporate creates meals out of thin air using a cutting-edge biotech approach that’s also environmentally friendly.

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CO2 emissions have to be reduced quickly because even when consumption is drastically reduced, the earth will warm by two degrees, which is the limit of life as we all know it.

On the opposite hand, food production is entirely depending on land and climatic conditions, as you might be aware. In consequence, Solar Foods targets several Sustainable Development Goals to function a roadmap for a brighter future for everybody.


Many entrepreneurs are trying to revolutionize the face of food. Food startups significantly impact the sector, whether through producing a healthier option, boosting access to food, or developing a more sustainable model. We discussed the 15 most prominent food startups which have a big influence.

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