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12 Easiest College Majors That Pay Well

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Many individuals believe that education may be split on difficult and straightforward majors. Some persons are doing great at literature, psychology, and social sciences and have difficulties paving paths through chemistry, mathematics, and physics. On the opposite hand, STEM majors enjoy performing scientific subjects while hating to read and analyze books, personalities, and different languages. So, where is the common ground? In this text, we’ve listed 12 easiest college majors that pay well. It’s a win-win situation, students don’t must overly strain themselves, while they will drive great yearly revenue employed at some good company or on their very own.

Finding a straightforward major will depend on rather a lot of things. Also, it’s important to notice that simply because some major is simple to finish and offers a variety of respectable-paying jobs, nothing but yourself, your resume and skills guarantee that you simply’ll get a superb job. {The marketplace} is competitive in all fields and only the most effective persist. With that in mind, listed here are the 12 easiest college majors that pay well.

1. English Major

English Major

English Major is just way more than literature major. You end up immersed in novels, poetry, and prose with ease, you enjoy reading and exploring the boundaries of human creation. Additionally, you could have a variety of friends who ask for help from English and you frequently end up at spelling competitions and book reading clubs. If that’s the case, this major will probably be perfect for you. English Major not only perfects your knowledge and practice from the English language, nevertheless it also teaches you the way to research literature, and is all about reading all the best books ever written.

Benefits of English Major

  • You get to read a variety of great books willingly since it’s a part of your education.
  • There aren’t any many research papers to write down or polish so they will continue deal with reading, analyzing and creating.
  • There’s a wide specter of career opportunities for graduates. Additionally, the careers continue to expand and develop.
  • It promotes earning a variety of great working habits like productivity and decision making.
  • It promotes having structured opinion about the literature, encourages debates and detail-oriented discussions and expands views on life.

Drawbacks of English Major

  • Despite a large specter of career options in English Major, the more career options there are the smaller deal with the foremost in itself. Some job position require additional specialization at project management or marketing.
  • It requires a variety of reading and writing which can appear unattractive to those that aren’t too fond of those activities. It is a both pro and con. While some enjoy reading for hours on, some find reading exhausting and draining.
  • It requires a variety of time commitment and will take a variety of your time without spending a dime activities, as just about your hobbies change into a piece.

English Major Positions With Good Salary

English Major is at times considered fairly difficult and never definitely worth the hassle and a spotlight they deserve. Today, many believe that the roles English Major implies may even be refrained from the degree. However, they still can’t be done with as much devotion and commitment as an English Major graduate can provide. With that in mind, listed here are the best-paying English Major career opportunities.

  • Technical Writer ($58K-$85K)
  • Content Writer ($48K-$66K)
  • Office Manager ($48K-$78K)
  • Copywriter ($52K-$91K)
  • Executive Assistant ($55K-$68K)

Other job positions include librarian, grant writing, even a lawyer (with certain certifications.) English major could make rather a lot of cash, it just requires students to strategically plan their resources and the way they’ll use their learning assets.

2. Criminal Justice Major

Criminal Justice Major

Have you ever ever felt like you could have a way of right and good? Do you would like to help others and teach them find out how to be more respectful of the law? Do you would like to help deliver truth and justice? Criminal Justice major can enable you achieve all of that and enable you become righteous just because the friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

Benefits of Criminal Justice Major

  • It offers hands-on education and directions on how to assist others in trouble.
  • There are a variety of good-paying job opportunities, with this position constantly being high in demand.
  • It doesn’t involve studying various papers or reading an excessive amount of. Students get hands-on experience and a variety of practical work which establishes them to follow the career path they studied for.
  • The most effective part is that it permits you to constantly make progress at work and simply earn promotions and recognition. You might begin as a daily police officer but skyrocket towards a senior detective position or perhaps a chief.

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Drawbacks of Criminal Justice Major

  • It’s a stressful job that may put a long-lasting toll in your mental health, so it involves taking a excellent care of yourself and always watching over your surroundings.

Criminal Justice Major Positions With Good Salary

Criminal Justice can teach you the way to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with the criminals but additionally find out how to work in a wide variety of careers. Below, we’ve highlighted the most effective criminal justice careers with a decent salary.

  • Police Detective ($62K-$65K)
  • Private Detective or Investigator ($53K-$57K)
  • Security Manager($67K-$94K)
  • Paralegal ($48K-$76K)
  • Probation Officer ($43K-45K)

There are also a variety of criminal justice jobs connected to science and technology resembling forensic investigator and cybersecurity analyst.

3. Psychology Major

Psychology Major

Psychology is a broad term and students choose to review it for a distinct variety of reasons. They wish to understand people and what happens of their heads. Additionally, they’ve a set of compassionate traits that urge them to make other people feel better. The suitability of psychology in your career path depends, because it’s a easy, yet at times complex major counting on what you would like to do. Identical to sociology, psychology helps people understand human behaviors, their spread and development. However, it uses a vastly different approach than the aforementioned field.

Benefits of Psychology Major

  • There are rather a lot of the way for one to concentrate on the foremost. There are plethora of specializations. Graduating psychology is normally not enough in itself and students must embark on easy and swift specializations to seek out the driving force of their career.
  • It focuses on people and is great for individuals who wish to understand people and deal with the high social setting.
  • There are a plethora of skills psychology major students learn throughout their education.
  • The rewarding feeling of helping others. Do you would like to make someone feel good? Psychology is the way in which since it leaves such a superb aftertaste when the one that had an issue feels more productive and like they’re overcoming their issues.

Drawbacks of Psychology Major

  • This may increasingly not be the correct path so that you can take when you’re not a fan of writing, reading, analyzing and making statistical calculations. Psychology uses data to acknowledge behavior which may be valid or not. It also indicates long and exhausting research.
  • It requires higher types of education like Masters and Ph.D. to be a licensed psychologist or psychotherapist.
  • If you’ll work as a therapist, it’s possible you’ll end up drained after coping with difficult clients. Also, while you possibly can create a versatile schedule for yourself, being over-productive can exhaust you if you could have poor time-management skills.

Psychology Major Positions With Good Salary

Similarly to English Major, the Psychology educational path also has a plethora of open careers for the correct candidates. You too can work in a plethora of fields like healthcare, education, and marketing. All in all, it’s an important educational path towards a well-paid job.

  • Human Resources Director ($87K-$155K)
  • Social Worker ($46K-$70K)
  • Human Resources Manager ($67K-$112K)
  • Mental Health Counselor ($42K-$52K)
  • Operations Manager ($65K-$98K)

Psychology major is broader than the roles we highlighted, also add career paths like case manager, child care worker, career counselor and advertising agent suitable. Why are such diverse positions on the list? Because they involve understanding of human psychology, especially advertising agent position. Those that embark on this journey must understand the cognitive activity behind their market and what they wish to buy.

4. Anthropology Major


Anthropology explores the processes that led to the event of humankind. It uses statistical data to foretell what anthropology projections will probably be for the long run. In a way, it’s much like the history major because civilizations develop and this science follows that. It also explores fields like archeology and uses objects found throughout the history to clarify human activities of that point.

Benefits of Anthropology Major

  • There are a variety of business opportunities for the job. Graduates of this major may also work in education, research, public relations, and history. There are a variety of open job opportunities.
  • Anthropology graduates get the chance to travel rather a lot so they will have hands-on experience and involvement with different cultures and traditions.
  • It develops great communication skills. You’ll take part in various teams with individuals who work on the identical cause. You’ll debate and discuss possible outcomes of a certain events and seek to reply the questions others couldn’t predict before.

Drawbacks of Anthropology Major

  • Traveling may be socially and mentally exhausting since it requires constant commitment and being away for extensive amounts of time.
  • Sometimes there’s a lot of physically-exhausting tasks to finish daily.
  • Anthropology major students must get entangled in a variety of research. They are going to often find themselves researching and reviewing papers, and get engaged in writing essays that may be long and detail-oriented.

Anthropology Major Positions With Good Salary

Anthropology involves both on-site and remote work. However, there are other job positions for anthropology graduates at disposal. They will work as researchers or teachers, be government-certified employees, work in agencies, companies and non-profit organizations.

  • Anthropologist ($61K-$62K)
  • Program Director ($57K-$107K)
  • Archivist ($50K-$71K)
  • Social Worker ($46K-$70K)
  • Human Resources Manager ($67K-$112K)

There are also some hybrid positions resembling foreign language teacher, foreign service officer, diversity officer, attorney and other positions which require high-in-demand communication skills and constant self-improvement.

5. Philosophy Major

Philosophy Major

Philosophy is an exhilarating and exciting major. It lets candidates explore and possibly answer the questions so long as time. Philosophy is usually considered one of many oldest disciplines and mother of science and arithmetic. When you’ve always been bothered by the questions like what’s real, what are the rising meanings of human existence and what’s the purpose of living on Earth, then philosophy could also be the correct major for you.

Benefits of Philosophy Major

  • It helps train your brain to reply a few of probably the most complex questions asked in human existence. If not, graduates at this major can have great cognitive functions and sometimes engage in lasting and challenging debates.
  • It gives attention to details which is a highly-valued skill within the workforce. Employers will probably be in search of candidates which might spot flaws in perfection and seek after it further.
  • Philosophy graduates are trained to reply questions and find ripples in various concept. That’s why they’ll constantly wish to progress and develop themselves.
  • They’ll find a way to use logical explanation to just about any problem.

Drawbacks of Philosophy Major

  • There aren’t any particular job ads and posts that are explicitly in search of a philosopher who will spread wisdom all day long. Still, they’re in search of individuals with highly-developed cognitive function, intelligence, research skills and a spotlight to detail.

Philosophy Major Positions With Good Salary

While philosophers aren’t exactly wanted, there’s a plethora of jobs which screams for skills that philosophy major graduates have. They’re especially wanted within the medical field in addition to technology. Many companies are in search of applied mathematicians who can solve complex statistical problems, answer some underlying issue and apply logical thinking to resolve any problem. With the event of massive data and artificial intelligence, philosophy major offers a variety of assets utilized in these disciplines.

  • Journalist ($40K-$72K)
  • Medical and Health Service Manager ($67K-102K)
  • Chaplain ($50K-$70K)
  • Solicitor ($57K-$179K)
  • Policy Officer ($67K-$122K)

6. Creative Writing Major

Creative Writing Major

Knowing your way with words is more than simply a talent. It’s good to know where your audience ticks and the way you need to use that to create more inspiring content. Creative writing is wanted because candidates can expand their creativity and learn skills they never hoped existed. Bookworms and writing geeks can get to do their favorite things, first during education after which for money. They enjoy writing essays, poetry and breezing through different written pieces. If you are feeling such as you’re so creative you don’t know what to do together with your creativity, then this major is the correct for you.

Benefits of Creative Writing Major

  • There will probably be a variety of homework that may deal with writing, writing and more writing.
  • You’ll be able to hone communication and writing skills. These come in useful in nearly all careers.
  • You’ll be able to collaborate in multidisciplinary projects and show the boundaries where your creativity can go. That enables writers to learn things like marketing, management, psychology and other things.
  • There’s a lot of space for learning and improvement.
  • Creative writing major allows for lots of flexibility. Candidates can work from wherever they need and whenever they need.

Drawbacks of Creative Writing Major

  • Writers can experience writer’s block and discover a blockage of their inspiration flows which might affect productivity and meeting deadlines.
  • When you’re sensitive, responding to critics may very well be extremely challenging for you.
  • Writing also requires a variety of researching. Sometimes you’ll be pushed into writing something, but you won’t have the most effective idea of how certain mindsets work. May require knowledge from psychology and other functions.

Creative Writing Major Positions With Good Salary

Creative writing teaches various skills that are essential for good career options. You’ll unlikely make rather a lot of cash writing poetry and short stories. Additionally, ghostwriting isn’t always valued and paid the most effective. Nevertheless, there are a few job positions with an important salary which can interest you and may be the most effective reward on your outstanding writing and communication talents.

  • Marketing Director ($87K-$143K)
  • Copywriter ($52K-$91K)
  • Paralegal ($48K-$76K)
  • Editor ($52K-$69K)
  • Communications Manager ($64K-$107K)

Since creative writing serves to advertise our creativity, graduates from this major may find more joy in experimenting with hybrid career options. Learn an extra skill or two and emerge into the world of creative writing for companies and organizations that need a scalable content writer.

7. Communication Major

Communication Major

Have you ever ever considered the impact communication and media have on our world? People have different opinions and perspectives about the foremost actions on the planet, and most of the time, they’re not afraid to present them to the world. If you think that your communication skills can move people and events, perhaps, the communications major is the correct place to start out at. You’ll immerse yourself into the practices of various cultures, genders, sexual orientations, the politics behind that and way more. Your communication skills can have rather a lot of benefits on the planet, and there are many schools that may enable you polish those skills and even improve them.

Benefits of Communications Major

  • If you want reading and learning, there’s a lot of theory, so students get to have a neater comprehension of terms.
  • It’s an important learning curve. There’ll always be something in store for communications, so candidates can always embrace new knowledge and experience.
  • Graduates who find job within the communication field, get to interact with rather a lot of individuals, learning new things each day and attending to work with new people always.

Drawbacks of Communities Major

  • There are rather a lot of individuals studying the communities major. That said, the workforce is usually competitive and requires candidates to indicate their best skills to catch a good-paying job.

Communications Major Positions With Good Salary

Below we listed some career options that require this major. We’ve sourced the salary information from PayScale and Salary. Remember that this can be a median annual salary.

  • Marketing Director ($87K-$143K)
  • Marketing Manager ($65-$105K)
  • Public Relations Specialist ( $49K-$104K)
  • Reporter ( $48K-53K)
  • Account Manager($53K-$74K)

8. History Major

History Major

History is usually called the foremost of life and is usually considered easy since it consists of assorted chronological facts that reveal how humanity survived all these centuries. Students of this major must interpret the meaning behind various historical events and public figures that molded their time. Students also learn the way to research those events, which is of great value to an important number of career positions than simply a history teacher.

Benefits of History Major

  • If you like to read and write, this major widely focuses on that. The nice part is there isn’t a complex technical writing and confusing report.
  • It’s great for developing essential critical thinking and researching skills.

Drawbacks of History Major

  • Many careers require you to get a History Major Masters or perhaps a Doctorate.
  • It’s time-consuming as students spend a variety of time translating and making sense out of confusing data.

History Major Positions With Good Salary

There are a variety of job positions you may make out with History Major. Below, we’ve listed a few of them, together with their salaries.

  • Director of Operations ($74K-$176K)
  • Associate Attorney ($74K-$96K)
  • Research Analyst ($59K-$71K)
  • High School Teacher ($59K-$61K)
  • Museum Technician ($45K-$56K)

9. Religious Studies Major

Religious Studies Major

Religious studies aren’t for everybody, but those who’ve always been enthusiastic about theological research and wish to land an important job without studying an excessive amount of of math and chemistry can find various benefits at this job position. When you’re enthusiastic about finding answers to questions that haven’t yet been found, this major is the correct for you.

Benefits of Religious Studies Major

  • Students of spiritual studies often partake in intense debates and discussions, that are mentally challenging and sometimes thrilling. They get to take heed to different opinions and views after which analyze them in groups.
  • Students develop argumentation skills but additionally remain of friendly manner because these discussions don’t necessarily require them to be wrong or right. Argumentation is a vital skill employers and firms demand their candidates to have.
  • You get to review different cultures, ethnicities, and religions and understand how all of them can affect your life.
  • Students and graduates of spiritual studies may also have a variety of travelling opportunities which can approach them to different cultures in addition to their very own.

Drawbacks of Religious Studies Major

  • There is no such thing as a clear goal for this major.
  • Graduates of spiritual studies often have difficulties deciding on their career path since the curriculum is normally rigorous and strict and doesn’t cover other fields like business, finances or psychology.

Religious Studies Major Positions With Good Salary

We mentioned above how it may be difficult to seek out the correct job position with the religious studies major because there aren’t any end goals set by the tutorial institute and the foremost requires constant seeking for the answers of mysterious questions. Students might want to get additional expertise from other fields to be fit to positions that don’t only revolve around religion. Nevertheless, we found some positions that pay well.

  • Clergy ($53K-97K)
  • Associate Pastor ($48K-$70K)
  • Senior Pastor ($60K-97K)
  • Executive Director(78K-$180K)

10. Education Major

Education Major

Education Major is a broad educational path and it allows the correct candidates to utilize their learned skills to show and make this world a greater place. Teachers are with us throughout entire education and might impact how our education is impacted and the way we grow as individuals. They selflessly share facts and encourage us to take part in various activities and projects. Becoming a teacher may be both easy and hard, counting on what exactly you would like to do, nevertheless it’s one of many best-paying opportunities.

Benefits of Education Major

  • It focuses on the tutorial theory which isn’t too difficult to work and helps learn the way to prepare coursework as a teacher.
  • It’s a hands-on type of education, with a chance to constantly learn more and grow. The most effective part is because teachers get to attach with each other, share their experiences and learn from each other.
  • It doesn’t require too high SAT scores.
  • If you’ll work at an academic institution like school, you’ll spend all the summer vacation as you would like, unlike another job positions which have vacations lasting between two and six weeks.

Drawbacks of Education Major

  • When you graduate it’s a full-time commitment type of job. Sometimes, candidates must work at both school or an organization and at home to arrange material that they may use. Some employers don’t appreciate that and won’t pay over-hours.
  • It demands candidates to continue with their professional development even after the graduation.

Education Major Positions With Good Salary

Education major opens the door to numerous job opportunities for people. They only must learn the way to grab the chance. It also will depend on which path you’ll take, whether elementary, secondary or post-secondary education. Education career path outcomes also rely upon the employer. Many think that teaching is overrated with diverse courses online. Educators must convince them the alternative. Teaching can often be extremely difficult so make certain to seek out the job position that works the most effective for you. Higher positions often require a Masters’s or Ph.D. degree.

  • Elementary School Principal ($78K-$107K)
  • Training and Development Specialist ($60K-$90K)
  • High School Teacher ($59K-$61K)
  • Middle School Teacher ($57K-$60K)
  • Special Education Teacher ($47K-$56K)

Remember that the teaching at different educational institutions differs. Some teachers teach at kindergarten and nursery schools, where the emphasis is more about teaching children find out how to develop good habits and grow into good adults. Highschool is more demanding and is about providing accurate and worthy education material while they’re going through sensitive phase of their lives. Another job positions with a decent salary include School psychologist, education consultant, family counselor, career counselor and others.

11. Health Major

Health Major

Health Major is usually related to complex learning subjects and positions like doctors, but that’s harder, tasking and stressful. The job surgeons and high-end health experts to is crucial for our well-being and health. However, they’re often assisted by well-educated medical examiners which don’t require medical school. Various health job positions don’t require the in-depth knowledge and understanding of anatomy that medical students constantly struggle with. Below, we’ll highlight different health job positions. You’ll discover ways to instruct people on proper hygiene, when to make use of sanitizer and when soap. You’ll be able to work in Health Science or Health Administration and also you’ll find a way to assist others improve their health and lifestyle.

Benefits of Health Major

  • Candidates on this major have the liberty to decide on what they wish to do and through which field they wish to concentrate on.
  • Healthcare is continually growing and teaming up with other fields for better results. Because of involvement with technology healthcare has rose rather a lot, and is projected to continue doing so in the long run.
  • Similarly to psychology, the rewarding feeling success will motivate you to wish to help other people who’re in distress. Additionally, you get to present first-hand experience to your pals and the way to guard themselves from a certain disease or condition. Your folks will always look as much as you after they suffer from some ailment and the soothing you’ll provide them with will thrill you.

Drawbacks of Health Major

  • There is perhaps way too high expectations for the Health Administration major. It also requires rather a lot of labor to reach job opportunities.
  • It’s worth mentioning that similarly to Criminal Justice, Health Major can also be associated to a variety of stress. Even when you don’t perform difficult activities on patients, seeing them in certain states should put a strain on you, which is why the psyche of steel is crucial.
  • It also demands a variety of technical expertise, reading of statistical data and research papers.

Health Major Positions With Good Salary

Health Major offers an important number of sub-fields, and certainly one of them could also be ideal for you. Below, we’ve displayed among the best-paying health careers worth testing. In addition they include challenging salaries.

  • Medical or Health Services Manager ($98K-$115K)
  • Physician Assistant ($95K-$106K)
  • Occupational Therapist ($66K-$88K)
  • Healthcare Consultant ($66K-$92K)
  • Physical Therapist ($72K-$87K)

Health major graduates can concentrate on a plethora of various fields. They will even involve in health informatics and use computational analysis to derive more accurate conclusions. Additionally, they will provide hands-on experience and first-hand learning experience in the event that they consider health education. Lastly they will deal with helping people overcome addictions like alcohol or some heavy drugs and become a counselor.

12. Sociology Major

Sociology Major

Sociology allows students to find out about different human behavior patterns derived through massive data. Sociology doesn’t only khuyễn mãi giảm giá with current social behavior patterns but additionally takes students to a visit back to the past to indicate how societies acted throughout history and what has influenced the change of their behavior. Finally, students will probably be taught on how to gather data to review different behaviors.

Benefits of Sociology Major

  • For those enthusiastic about research, and academic papers, sociology is a good degree program because students often use statistical data derived through papers.
  • Sociology connects students to an important number of modern disciplines and allows them to review social connections.
  • {The marketplace} from this field is growing. Experts and different organizations combine majors like sociology with tech to get more accurate statistical data and learn more behavioral traits in individuals.

Drawbacks of Sociology Major

  • Counting on a location where you would like to search for a job, the market may be oversaturated, so many employers would require additional salaries or post-graduate degree.
  • Books often contain a variety of dry material which might be hard to recollect.

Sociology Major Positions With Good Salary

If you are feeling like sociology interests you, listed here are some good job positions with an important salary if you’re employed hard enough.

  • Human Resources Manager ($67K-$112K)
  • Executive Assistant ($55K-$68K)
  • Policy Analyst ($58K-$84K)
  • Market Research Analyst ($54K-$89K)
  • Management Consultant ($87K-$89K)

There are much more jobs, available at different geographies for social experts. They will work as law enforcement officials, behavioral health specialists, case managers and even counselor. Remember that these positions will usually require a specialization like criminal justice or behavioral psychology.

Tips on how to know if a school major is simple?

What you classify as a straightforward college major is as much as you. It’s a subjective term mainly determined by your highschool performance, dedication, and GPA. Depending in your devotion, hobbies, and interests, it’s possible you’ll find some college majors easier than others.

That said, you’ll be the most effective person to guage a straightforward college major for yourself. After all, simply because you’re good at something, it doesn’t mean that graduating that major is a must, or necessarily easy. That’s why you’ll want to take into consideration what feels easy, yet interesting a few particular major. That said, it’s a commonplace {that a} student will choose a school major that they were excelling at during their secondary education. Moreover, students will find the simplest degrees among the themes that they had the most effective GPA at.

Other factors that determine whether college major is simple

Several other factors will determine how some work feels. If you are feeling some certain subject makes you more creative and innovative if you possibly can’t evaluate it objectively and it’s something you truly like to do. Additionally, if you end up spending less time on completing tasks, exercises, tests and homework assignments meaning that major could also be easier for you. When you enjoy doing group projects at a specific matter, perhaps it’s time to consider taking that career and educational path.

What’s the easiest college major for you?

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