Airport Personnel Reveal Fascinating Details Of Their Work

It is well known that air travel is a difficult experience. People tend to be quite aggravated before, during, and after they enter a flight station. The airport personnel have to take on the brunt of the annoyance, which often ends up with some entertaining tales.

1. They See You When You’re Sleeping

As it’s understandable, being a flight attendant is somewhat boring. Thus, they come up with imaginative ways to amuse themselves. One of these is observing the multiple, usually humorous, methods people use to doze off while on the plane. We can only guess how laughable this is!

They See You When You’re Sleeping

A Pretty Good Deal

Airlines sometimes deliberately book more passengers than they have seats available on a flight, which can be discouraging if you don’t show up to the gate in time. However, you can be rewarded with vouchers that can be worth more than the cost of your flight, and if you don’t mind waiting for a different flight later, you might get a really good deal while traveling.

A Pretty Good Deal